The Academy of Design and Innovation (ADI) recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) of India. The latter is an institute renowned for its expertise in the field of fashion and textiles. This step marks the start of a collaboration aimed at fostering innovation, academic excellence and creativity in the field of design and fashion.

The collaboration between ADI and NIFT aims to promote the exchange of knowledge, resources and ideas, thereby strengthening ties between communities. The agreement was signed during a protocol ceremony in the presence of Naveena Ramyad, Minister of SMEs. During her speech, the minister highlighted the strategic importance of this agreement. For her, this agreement does not simply constitute a formal arrangement. “It is the blueprint for future collaborations,” she said.

For her part, ADI Director, Dr. Sabrina Ramsamy-Iranah, explained that this collaboration is a door to an enriching and expansive future for ADI. “Through this partnership, our academy will benefit immensely from a rich cultural exchange. » Under this agreement, ADI and NIFT are committed to promoting exchanges of students, professors and researchers. They will develop joint research programs on topics of mutual interest in the field of design, creativity and fashion. They will organize workshops, conferences and collaborative events to stimulate creativity and innovation. They will share educational and technological resources to enrich the students' learning experience. This partnership between ADI and NIFT marks the start of a new era of strategic collaboration. It will catalyze growth in the field of fashion and design, while promoting cultural exchange and strengthening international ties.

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