He had a flowery career. Patrick Armand is a floral specialist with a 46-year career. Becoming a florist is a passion that has driven him since a young age and this is what pushed him to professionalize in Australia. A foray into its flowery world…

Patrick Armand, a name that resonates like a melody in the Mauritian floral world. At 66 years old, this outstanding florist has 46 years of experience in the field, a passion that he cultivates with love and expertise.

His story begins in Australia, where he honed his talents at the prestigious Melbourne Flower School. He had barely finished school in Mauritius and had only one desire: to become professional and do the job of his dreams. “Flowers have a language that speaks to everyone and they accompany us all our lives. Whether to celebrate births, children's baptisms, engagements, weddings and even funerals, flowers never leave us,” he emphasizes.

After his studies, he returned to Mauritius but reality caught up with him: he struggled to find employment. “I was one of the few male florists, and trained. Here, there was a kind of monopoly with the few florists at the time. It was in the early 80s,” he recalls.

He then decided to fly to Qatar, where he flourished for five years within Gulf Air, a company for which he created floral arrangements for the group's hotels and the airline. “It was a wonderful adventure and creativity had no limits for me. I had flowers from Holland at my disposal and there, we find flowers from all over the world. » This adventure also allowed him to travel around the world since he only had to pay 10% on plane tickets, being an employee of Gulf Air.

Five years later, Patrick Armand returns to Mauritius, determined to make a living from his passion in his native land. In collaboration with a South African woman, he began working at Evergreen, a flower shop in Grand-Baie. Ten years of complicity and floral creations are born from this fruitful association. The Royal Palm Hotel had just opened its doors and was one of its clients at the time.

After these wonderful years spent in the North, the time for independence came for Patrick Armand. He created his own company, Patrick Floral Design, and threw himself headlong into major projects. Weddings, hotels and other events: its floral creations embellish the most beautiful occasions. His workshop is set up at his home in Beau-Bassin and will experience his best years as a florist for 25 years. “Flowers and plants are my oxygen. I realize how lucky I have always been to be able to make a living from my passion,” he admits.

A globetrotter of floral passion

Throughout this time, his talent has not been limited to the Mauritian borders. Patrick Armand is a true globetrotter of floral passion. He shared his know-how in Congo, where he trained florists; to India to train a hotel florist and help him find a floral design for the hotel; in Paris for the floral decoration of the Le Carré Blanc hotel; and even in London for the famous Debutante Ball.

Today, Patrick Armand puts his expertise at the service of Jackie's Floral, as a floral specialist. Her passion for flowers continues to flourish, bringing color and joy to all those lucky enough to discover her creations. Patrick Armand is more than a florist, he is an artist, a mentor and an ambassador of Mauritian floral beauty. President of Trochetia, the association of florists of Mauritius with between 25 and 30 members, he hopes to share his know-how with the youngest and thus continue to nourish the love for flowers.

“You have to know how to nourish your creativity. Basic training is important, but you have to continually look around and be attentive to nature. When I walk down the street, there is always something that fascinates me, it could be a branch or a shell and I pick it up to include it in my bouquets,” he adds, emphasizing that it is the nature that inspires it.

Each bouquet transmits an emotion, according to him. Indeed, Patrick Armand also presents himself as a storyteller. Through his creations, he tells stories of joy, love and beauty. Her bouquets are flowery poems, odes to nature and imagination. “That’s one of the reasons we do custom bouquets because each bouquet can be personalized to match a person or event,” he says.

Today, he has become an inspiring example for all those who aspire to make a living from their passion. His journey demonstrates that perseverance, hard work and love for one's profession can lead to great achievements. “I never take no for an answer. » This is how he describes his determination. “I have always pursued my career and this is the advice I give to young people: don’t give up. » Another tip: “Let your creations speak for you. Be humble and stay in the background. »

Beyond his love for plants and flowers, Patrick Armand devotes a lot of his time to social causes. He is currently the vice-president of the Befrienders association and president of the management and support committee of the St-Jean and Port-Louis night shelter: “I have always had a good life, a comfortable life and we must be able to give back to society. And the best way to do that is to volunteer your time. »

An asset for Jackie's Floral

For three years, Patrick Armand has flourished at Jackie's Floral in Beau-Bassin, where he is considered a prolific artist and an inspiring mentor who shares his know-how with those around him. Moreover, her love for flowers is contagious, according to Séverine Elie, the marketing manager. “Patrick is an undeniable asset. He introduces people to the language of flowers and we do internal training so that he can share his knowledge,” she emphasizes. Séverine Elie helps the company evolve with new floral trends.

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