“Enn lepep ki pa konn so listwar li kouma enn bato san rudder”. Remarks by Paul Bérenger at Pointe-Canon this Thursday, February 1st.

On the occasion of the commemoration of the 189th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, members of the PTr, the MMM and the PMSD went to Pointe-Canon for a wreath-laying ceremony.

During his speech, the leader of the MMM specified that the history of Mauritius is above all “the fight against slavery and against indentureship”. He took the opportunity to discuss the history of Haiti, “the first black country in the world to have abolished slavery”.

We must not forget that “the first independence from slavery dates from 1796 to 1802” specifies the leader of the MMM.

“I am proud of the role we played in ensuring that the commemoration of the abolition of slavery is celebrated on February 1 of each year,” underlined Paul Bérenger.

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