Tuesday, during Prime Minister's Question Time, Pravind Jugnauth dwelled at length on the closeness between opposition MP Richard Duval and Cindy Legallant, the woman who was involved in 2008 in a case of importing Subutex. In doing so, he unearthed a 16-year-old case.

“Madame MCL was in regular contact with Richard Duval, when he was Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) in 2008. They traveled on the same flight on July 20, 2008. Richard Duval then left for Zurich via Paris while Madame MCL went straight to Paris. » This is what the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, declared, on Tuesday May 14, 2024, in response to a question asked by the deputy of the Militant Socialist Movement, Ashley Ittoo, during the Prime Minister's Question Time (PMQT).

The head of government did not spare opposition MP Richard Duval on his alleged proximity to Cindy Legallant, who was arrested in 2008 for her involvement in the importation of Subutex to Mauritius. Pravind Jugnauth also took care to recall that during the trip she made on July 20, 2008, she returned to Mauritius on July 23, while Richard Duval returned on July 26.

Seeking at all costs to shed more light on the alleged connection between the opposition MP and leader of the New Democrats party, Pravind Jugnauth spoke about the personal intervention of the MP for constituency no. 12 (Mahébourg/Plaine-Magnien) to allow Cindy Legallant to access the VIP facilities at the airport. The Prime Minister also highlighted the fact that the latter had been the guest of Richard Duval, at the National Assembly, on two occasions.

Pravind Jugnauth did not stop there. He also mentioned the alleged financial arrangements between Cindy Legallant and Richard Duval. He specified that the MP asked the latter for Rs 500,000 to pay for his shares in a stable.

But as she was short of funds, Richard Duval would have made arrangements with the Development Bank of Mauritius for her to take out a loan of Rs 700,000. This loan would have been approved and then paid the following week. Of the Rs 700,000, an amount of Rs 500,000 was given directly to MACM in the name of Richard Duval.

The head of government also highlighted Cindy Legallant's legal past, emphasizing that she had been sentenced to serve a forty-month prison sentence and pay costs of Rs 500. He also recalled that Bernard Joly, the latter's accomplice was sentenced to forty-four months' imprisonment and also ordered to pay Rs 500 in costs.

“They both appealed the judgment on the same day and were detained pending the outcome of the appeal,” he said. Pravind Jugnauth added that the Supreme Court rejected both appeals on June 14, 2010. “On June 23, 2010, Madame MC L. and MBGRJ were sent back to prison to serve their sentences. Following a petition filed by Ms. M. CL with the Commission on Presidential Pardon on September 21, 2011, the then President of the Republic of Mauritius reduced the prison sentence from 40 to 34 months. On April 22, 2013, Ms. MCL was released from prison,” detailed the Prime Minister.

In addition to the legal problems linked to the Subutex affair, Pravind Jugnauth pointed out that Cindy Legallant had been accused of money laundering on 14 counts and sentenced to a prison sentence of 12 months. “She appealed this judgment to the Supreme Court. Her appeal was rejected and she was sent back to prison on February 14, 2024,” he said.

Richard Duval absent at the time of this question

Richard Duval was absent from the National Assembly when the Prime Minister answered the question about his links with Cindy Legallant. Several members of the government majority noticed this and did not hesitate to comment on its absence. Some deputies even murmured: “Linn prefer pa vini. » They had fun making all kinds of comments on the alleged links between Richard Duval and Cindy Legallant.

The travels of Cindy Legallant

From 2005 to 2008, Cindy Legallant made seventeen (17) trips abroad. Here are the details:

  • In 2006, she made one trip to France and three to Reunion Island.
  • In 2007, she made two trips to France and five to Reunion Island.
  • In 2008, she made four trips to France and two to Reunion Island.

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