Meela (first name changed), 59, is a mother who suffers from a disability. She reported her ex-husband to the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) on May 10, 2024 after seeing compromising videos involving their 25-year-old daughter.

CCID investigators arrested Meera's ex-husband on Thursday, May 30, 2024. He faces a provisional charge of incest. This 52-year-old man is a former civil servant. He is in detention.

Meela, a resident of Curepipe, got married in 1995. From this union, two daughters were born. After eight years of marriage, she divorced because she believed that her husband was a “womanizer”.

At the time, her two children were 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 years old. Her husband has completely withdrawn from her life. Meela worked as a street vendor in Curepipe. She raised her two children alone.

She managed to get her house back, which had been seized, by going on hunger strike with other people who had paid the price of the Sale by Levy procedure. However, in 2016 she suffered a stroke and has been living on a disability pension ever since. The eldest of his daughters married, while the youngest studied abroad for three years, after obtaining a social scholarship.

Her ex-husband came forward after her children became adults. He kept in touch with his youngest daughter. After her studies, she returned to Mauritius and went to live with her father. After two months, she returned to live with her mother. “His father often came to the house and each time he came with a bag. I thought he was bringing food for his daughter. He always stayed in the room,” says Meela.

Some time later, she discovered that her ex-husband was bringing alcoholic beverages to drink with her daughter. She then banned her ex-husband from entering the house. Meanwhile, her younger daughter was using abusive and foul language against her. She filed a domestic violence complaint against her. The situation between mother and daughter has deteriorated.

Around May 6, 2024, Meela noticed that her daughter, while leaving work, took her phone and deleted messages on WhatsApp. “I saw her take my phone and delete something. I asked a relative what she had deleted and he got the items back. What I discovered disgusted me: there were several videos of my ex-husband with my daughter doing immoral things. These videos are two years old. What happened took place in my daughter’s room, in my house,” says Meela.

“Kouma enn papa kapav fer enn kitsoz koumsa avek son prop tifi. “I thank the people who end up here,” says Meela.

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