After the passage of Cyclone Eleanor and the downpours, there are various risks including the proliferation of mosquitoes and an increase in cases of gastrointestinal infections.

The Ministry of Health advises the public to take necessary precautions such as draining water accumulated on roofs and properly covering water tanks to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes.

You must get rid of all objects that could retain water, in particular used tires, cans, household waste and collect dead leaves and other waste in the trash cans.

To avoid mosquito bites, it is recommended to wear clothing that covers the legs and arms and to use mosquito repellent products.

Concerning the risks of gastrointestinal infections, the ministry advises boiling water before consumption and consuming freshly prepared meals.

If you experience symptoms of gastroenteritis, the public is advised to go to the nearest health center for treatment.

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