“You must analyze my past and present to be able to judge me. Kan ena pou desid pou or the future, se dare the future or zanfan. Akoz sa pa fererer, reflesi bien”, declared Pravind Jugnauth, this Sunday June 2.

“We will continue to develop the country in our next mandate so that Mauritius is cited as an example,” underlined the Prime Minister (PM) who spoke at the end of the inauguration of the MUGA center, in Center de Flacq, this afternoon.

“We are looking to the future, we are planning a next term. I don't think anyone can trust me. I do what I say,” emphasizes Pravind Jugnauth.

“We are working hard. I know only one formula for success. We can say that we do what I do, we can do work, work and work,” adds the PM.

“When I listen to some people at press conferences every week, they 'belittle'. There are also some who say nonsense. There are all kinds of allegations made against us, especially in constituency number 8. Be kinn arive? Where soap is available, no matter what, 'social media' or what the press says. “Be kanou ena ennen la Cour indepandan, ala rezilta azordi,” says Pravind Jugnauth.

Furthermore, the Head of Government once again reiterated his commitment to encouraging people to play sport. “As a government, our findings on the health of the population are very worrying in relation to non-communicable diseases. 20% of the population suffers from type 2 diabetes, 30% from hypertension, 40% from overweight and 45% from obesity. We cannot remain indifferent to this. We are responsible and we are taking action. (…) My government has put in place a national sports policy to encourage sports practice. It is important that from an early age, we instill the culture of practicing physical activity. This MUGA center is the twelfth center in Mauritius. Here you can benefit from tennis lessons,” he says.

“I must say that some people can't see beyond the end of their nose. “My vision has gone beyond that, it’s far away,” he says.

Pravind Jugnauth did not fail to praise Noemi Alphonse, world champion in the 100m in the T54 category, and Anaïs Angeline, silver medalist in the long jump at the Kobe Worlds. “A great politician said 'Yes we can'. I am convinced that in the future there will be even more extraordinary performances,” said the PM.

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