• The alleged murderer Vishal Résidu was interned at Brown-Séquard hospital

He was locked up in Block B, “punishment cell”, at the New Wing prison in Beau-Bassin. The alleged murderer Vishal Résidu, who is accused of having attacked repeat offender Vishal Shibchurn on Saturday May 25, attempted to commit the irreparable.

On the afternoon of Thursday, May 30, during a routine exercise, a guard surprised inmate Vishal Résidu who was trying to hang himself in his cell. According to the supervisor, he had already hung a rope around his neck, which was hanging from his bed. Immediately, the guard opened the door to help him. But at that moment, he explains that the inmate pushed him before trying to commit suicide against the banister of the stairs using a rope he had in his possession.

When the alarm was raised, other guards rushed to the spot and were able to immobilize Vishal Résidu. They managed to remove the rope he had already placed around his neck. The detainee was first taken to the Jawaharlal Nehri hospital in Rose-Belle, before being transferred to the Brown-Séquard psychiatric hospital where he has since been interned in the High Security Ward.

A few days earlier, he allegedly assaulted Vishal Shibchurn in the toilets of Yard D of New Wing Prison. Seriously injured, the latter had to be admitted for four days to Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital.

Vishal Shibchurn, from the village of St-Hubert, is incarcerated at Beau-Bassin prison after his arrest for having kidnapped and assaulted two residents of the South, including a 58-year-old woman. The prisoner Vishal Résidu is incarcerated as part of the police investigation into the murder of Mohammad Hussain Abdoola Fakeermahamood, known as Said, whose lifeless body was found in Plaine-Verte on March 22. Alongside his accomplices, Vishal Résidu is accused of having acted on the orders of Zaid Santally to attack and rob Said Fakeermahamood of his money. Vishal Résidu is the subject of a provisional charge of murder.

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