It is now possible to pay for your metro ticket directly on your smartphone. Indeed, Metro Express Ltd (MEL) and Mauritius Telecom (MT) have joined forces to offer passengers the opportunity to pay for their journey on MT's my.t mobile application. The announcement was made on Monday June 3, 2024 during a ceremony at the Telecom Tower in Port-Louis in the presence of Deepak Balgobin, Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, as well as Alan Ganoo, Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail.

To use my.t money as a payment method, passengers must go to the app and follow the following steps:
1. Click on the Metro Express tab.
2. Press the “Buy Tickets” button.
3. Scan the QR code of the metro station where you will start your journey.
4. Then enter the name of the destination station and validate the payment.
5. The virtual ticket is available on the my.t money application and can be verified by metro controllers.

“We worked together with my colleague Alan Ganoo to provide a new service to citizens. With the speed of development of technologies, we are digitalizing the country. And one of these new services is paying for metro tickets through the my.t money application. This saves you time and makes your journey easier. This demonstrates innovation in the country,” commented Deepak Balgobin. For his part, Alan Ganoo declared: “I am very proud of this progress launched today. Through my.t money, travelers can buy their ticket online. We have 45,000 passengers in the metro which is expected to expand its network in Mauritius. […] This innovation will help travelers by reducing the crowds (in front of the ticket machines), and by reducing the risks, because people are in a hurry.” He indicated that MEL plans to increase its fleet of trains to meet demand, before adding that the 'cashless' payment system on buses is still under study.

“In line with my.t money’s roadmap and our commitment to digitalizing the country, we have partnered with MEL to launch a revolutionary service that will redefine your public transport experience. The Metro Express app on my.t money will provide users with a seamless and convenient way to purchase tickets, access real-time schedules and receive updates on the Metro Express service, all through one interface mobile friendly,” said Kapil Reesaul, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mauritius Telecom. “The launch of the MEL digital ticket via my.t money marks the start of a new era for MEL, MT and our travelers. MEL, as a leading innovator in the transportation sector, has collaborated with another leading technology company, MT, to produce a new digital way to purchase single-use tickets (SUT). This will further improve the passenger experience and make purchasing tickets even easier,” said MEL CEO Dr Das Mootanah.

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