QuestionsAccommodation-HotelsWe loved Mauritius and will be back but did not love Anelia resort and spa…
Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Bye Bye Mauritius, we loved Mauritius and will be back but did not love Anelia resort and spa, we won’t be back

Nigel Heyes answered 4 months ago

As long as you love the island…..👍🍹🍹🍹

Sondes Harati answered 4 months ago

Perskil island resort and Hilton Mauritius were the best during our stay last year ❤️❤️❤️

Moumouh Moumout answered 4 months ago


Patrick Louise answered 4 months ago

Well plenty of other hotels here thank god

Hamjah Auckburally answered 4 months ago

Paradise hôtel

Ulf Johnsson answered 4 months ago

All coments allowed Good or Bad 💪.

Mauritius is lovely but for sure everyone must have the right to write there experiance.

I am right now in Antigua Island and think it sucks compere to Mauritius were we been 5 times and guess it that was popular 😬😂.
Dubble Price and less quality and plenty small insects just don’t work 😉

Janice Smith answered 4 months ago

Oberoi resort is fabulous,

Pat Rick answered 4 months ago

Tout les coms parlent des hotels ( c’est bien c’est pas bien etc…) sachez que ce qui fait le charme de maurice ce ne sont pas les hotels.A ce moment loué une maison et fondez-vous dans la vie des mauriciens.Là vous verrez le vrai maurice.

San Lopez answered 4 months ago

Pls share your experience

Faye Fifi Wafer answered 4 months ago

We’ve arrived at C Mauritius, spending today trying to move hotel. Our third visit to Mauritius as we love the people / island but this hotel is not what we expected – at best a low 3 star😫

Ally Deljoor Paul answered 4 months ago

Do come back..and choose another hotel ..

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