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Anonymous asked 4 months ago

Long Beach 5 star resort in Belle Mare, our experience... - seen half a dozen mice running around communal areas, they have a pest control problem - 4 big juicy cockroaches in our room in the first 5 days and an aircon system that screeches when on full fan mode meant we lost 2 nights sleep on arrival (we discovered the screeching stopped on lower fan speeds so we sorted that ourselves after lots of fiddling with the climate controls) - no Xmas decorations in the resort so no sense of being Christmassy in the run up to the big day or having any special feeling of being in a magic place like other resorts have. It has the feeling of a 3 star resort, not 5 star, when it could and should be so much better - very under-staffed, very slow service throughout all resort, complete lack of senior management visibility and motivational impact. - eliminating the Japanese restaurant from the all-inclusive package restricts food options too much for a 5 star experience - the only beach sports house in a 5 star resort we have ever known to refuse to lend a mask and snorkel to guests despite having lots of them. At the same time they over-charge clients for personal gain with external activity such deep sea fishing (quoted 32,000 rupees for half day when the local cost is 24,000 or less) - despite being all-inclusive there is pressure to extract more cash from guests in restaurants, bars and even room minibar. This is so different to other resorts in our experience, all-inclusive should mean all-inclusive. - resort layout is not good, receptionists are hidden away and not accountable, the main square at night does not feel accommodating so you don't feel inclined to stay and there are only a few seats anyway. The entertainment is average. - the buffet area is cramped and hidden away so you constantly bump into others when trying to obtain food for your plate. The booking system to reserve evening meals is unwieldy and closed most of the time so when concierge desk opens after 8.30pm it gets busy and some restaurants get over-booked which again restricts eating options. The app does not record your restaurant bookings for easy control and management - main pool is very dirty, when you enter you have to avoid a lot of debris, both floating and on bottom. Adult only pool is superb but practically empty most of the time. All in all, not everything is bad however there are far better options, we were very underwhelmed and were pleased when time came to leave whereas that shouldn't be the case...

Dave answered 4 months ago

Do not go on the 5 star rating and expectations … this one is among the cheaper hotels … there is a very wide choice and all inclusive is not always the best option .

Reina Ve Del Oeste answered 4 months ago

Loved the buffet and quality of food
Italian restaurant wouldnt recommend. Left feeling hungry. We arent fans of 2 peas on a plate type of food aka fine dining
Hot water system did not work in 2 of our rooms and we had to call and it magically worked after 30 mins. Which makes me think that they turn it off day time. My poor mother being shy didnt tell me enough in time and thought it couldnt be fixed so showered twice with cold water anyway.

Dirk Jockheck answered 4 months ago

We have the same !😰
Food is excellent, the rest a big Desaster!
Never never again ‼️
We can’t wait for monday, then we fly home 🙏🙏🙏

Cheryl Green answered 4 months ago

If you are going to review a resort like this, why not show a commitment to your views without doing it anonymously?

Jarkko Laine answered 4 months ago

Long beach is not real 5. Its 4 star

Ashley Victor answered 4 months ago

I’m very surprised. Maybe it was because of the rainy weather but this is not an excuse i guess

Sara Poontaub answered 4 months ago

Sad to read these comments . We stayed in November 2023 and found the hotel to be the complete opposite. We have stayed in a number of 5* hotels in Mauritius (and actually stayed in one immediately after our stay at Long Beach) and felt that Long beach was actually much better than that hotel.

Gaby Devyll answered 4 months ago

Who to blame?

Neil Wilson answered 4 months ago

I hear that the music is extra loud to keep you away from the bats so you don’t drink in them.
Is this true?

Anne Stanfield answered 4 months ago

Am I right in thinking the 4 star Ambre resort is the sister hotel to this one?spent 10 days last month at Ambre and sounds exactly the same as this hotel,dirty pool and public toilets,food and service in buffet restaurants worst I’ve ever known,very tired and quite run down resort, definitely more 3 star ,a la carte restaurants brilliant, beach the best ever,but staff need some serious training on customer service ,just no clue and so slow

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