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Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Long beach hotel - totally freaking out as there was a post here with very negative feedback! Going in a week! Stressing as this is supposed to be the holiday of a lifetime - travel agent won’t let us switch hotels - past reviews seem very good - last 3 weeks shocking!! Anyone there now or been very recently that can advise and give opinions? Thanks

Mandy Noel answered 4 months ago

Take no notice of what other people say

Lisa Lafferty answered 4 months ago

Admittedly I’ve been back a couple of weeks but this place is amazing ! Do not try and switch based on someone’s negative opinions. The hotel was spotlessly clean, food good, beach & pools amazing, evening entertainment quality and every single member of staff went above and beyond

Rv Car Service answered 4 months ago

Come and enjoy your holiday dr,don’t listen to others ,Mauritius welcome you with more warmth

Sarah Lake answered 4 months ago

There’s nothing wrong with long beach…

Pamela Allen answered 4 months ago

We went in July August this year, and it was fab. If there are any issues, at all, just go speak to a member of staff, or the GM (who is always walking about, and talking to guests so if there’s a problem, he will sort it out). Ours wasn’t even a problem – I needed some ice to pack my son’s medical injections for our flights, and whilst we were waiting for our taxi to take us to the airport, he came and chatted, I mentioned the need for ice (and really, was only thinking I’ll need ice at the airport…), and he immediately turned round to a member of staff who was with him, and got him to get the ice from the kitchen. Took him 2 minutes and came back with ice that lasted for a very long time, well packed.

Food was fab too – we went to Hasu (the Japanese restaurant) for a special occasion (birthday) and they rolled out the red carpet for us, literally. Decorated the table, a free birthday cake. Fab food.

Rest of the food was also good. Massages were amazing. We would most definitely go back.

Patrick Louise answered 4 months ago

Sure you be ok

Reina Ve Del Oeste answered 4 months ago

Amazing hotel
Amazing adults only pool
Amazing quality food at the hotel

Avoids : italian resto , if something goes wrong let them know straightaway so they can fix it.

Emma Wayt answered 4 months ago

We went in August and it was our best holiday ever!

Jutta Freese answered 4 months ago

think this is a fake post .. there was a similar one (except christmas deco) some days before 🤔

Adam 'Rowly' Rowstron answered 4 months ago

You can have (for example) 500 people go in a week, 495 will have a great time, maybe one will leave a positive review, 5 will be highly strung and impossible to please and be looking for a discount or a refund just for the sake of it and will leave a bad review. Take reviews with a very very fine pinch of salt.

Sara Poontaub answered 4 months ago

Honestly- we went in November 23 and loved it. We have been to a number of 5* hotels in Mauritius and we loved this one (particularly for our kids 8 and 10). The buffet was particularly lovely for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So much variety and excellent quality. I stayed in another 5* hotel immediately after and I say it nowhere compared to Long beach. Even something minor- they clearly look after the beach outside the hotel. It was mainly free of coral (I hate the stuff and spent a lot of time swearing whilst staying elsewhere) and clean. Staff were friendly and helpful (interestingly a lot were foreign students!). Food was nice. Entertainment nice. Great sports team to entertain kids with football, pétanque, rock climbing. Our room was amazing. Very clean throughout all areas of the hotel. Honestly-I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our stay. Feel free to DM me if you have any queries.

Dirk Jockheck answered 4 months ago

You can ask me pm. We are here!

Theresa Karuthasami answered 4 months ago

I’ve stayed at long beach in a number of occasions and can’t fault it. Very attentive staff. Great food and beautiful rooms. Enjoy your stay 😎

Lucy Hutton answered 4 months ago

Just back a week ago, best hotel i have ever stayed in, service a tiny but slow on 1 occasion only, otherwise fantastic. Food very high quality. Easy to book restaurants via the concierge in the buffet restaurant each morning ( did struggle with the App!). Room beautiful and very clean. Honestly it was a holiday of a lifetime for us you have nothing to be worried about- enjoy 😊

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