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Anonymous asked 6 months ago

On holiday to Italy. This is a place I often come to but was again disappointed with the hotels - I am not going to name the hotels but they are big names in the hospitality industry ( no offence meant to Italians on this group) A five star here is a a four star in Mauritius. The point of my post: be grateful if you happen to be in Mauritius right now. We often take customer service or cleanliness in a hotel for granted. It’s not a given in every country around the world. There are some countries that simply lend itself to gratitude. I still remember waking up everyday at the Trou aux Biches hotel and looking at the different shades of blue of the sea, feeling a sense of gratitude. Wondering how can the sea have so many shades of blue. Mauritius is one such place. Enjoy!

Maria Poggi answered 6 months ago

Unfortunately stars given to Italian hotels don’t mean “the more stars they have they prettier and cleaner they are”

They have a list of “what’s in the room” or “what time the reception closes ” sort of things , to tick off , which gives them star ratings.
You can find “boutique” b&b’s that are nicer/cleaner/friendlier and so unique compared to 4/5stars hotels which have ticked off the fact that their reception is open 24hrs to get the 4th star .

I hope this helps to find a more suitable accomodation for next time.


Of course , resorts in Mauritius are AMAZING!
I think one I stayed at was a 3/4 stars and it was a place I fell in love with. People, service, food, atmosphere, EVERYTHING! I always miss Mauritius ❤️

Prim Maxwell answered 6 months ago

Travelled to many places around the world and have stayed in some of the top hotels and my thought are the same as yours – Mauritius 🇲🇺 leads the way when it comes to customer service, cleanliness and beautiful hotels and lovely people.

Ildiko McCabe answered 6 months ago

Traveled around the world and currently planning a trip to Italy- I know exactly what you are talking about! Mauritius is one extra special place. I can’t explain it, because I can’t say Fiji wasn’t amazing, too, but something about Mauritius is just magic.
And yes, Italy seems overpriced and overcrowded and makes planning a bit of a downer. I still can’t wait to go but I have to lower my expectations. ☺️

Natalie Grey answered 6 months ago

I have to agree.. same with France..

Moireen Van Staden answered 6 months ago

I find the shades of blue and turquoise the sea is here in Mauritius spectacular 😀

Nelia Van Zyl answered 6 months ago

Yeah for Mauritius…Keep the standards up!

Tony Saincic answered 6 months ago

To compare the two is silly to start with. They are very different countries and cultures and vastly different attractions for tourists. With hospitality being the largest part of the gdp in Mauritius shows in the great hotels and service whilst Italy has many other far larger gdp sources of income. Another point is to compare the minium wages in Mauritius for cleaning / hotel staff to that in Italy. In Mauritius you can employ 3 times more staff for cheaper than 1 in Italy. Enjoy them both when you go there for what they are good at and for what you visited them for. Go to Italy for history, architecture, fashion and great food. Go to Mauritius for peace and quiet, great weather, lazing at the beach and diving. Just saying. Yes hotels in Mauritius are better than most countries, agreed.

James At-Echelon answered 6 months ago

Lake Como’s Villa d’Este would give any Mauritian hotel a run for its money. It’s true Mauritius is beautiful, that’s why I live here. But “a five star in Italy is a four star in Mauritius” is a great exaggeration. Maybe you’ve just not chosen well in Italy?

David McDonald answered 6 months ago

I think you’ll find that the regulations imposed by the EU, high staff wages, and employees rights in Italy have made it difficult for hoteliers to maintain standards. This is somewhat different in Mauritius, so it’s not really a fair comparison.

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