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Anonymous asked 6 months ago
We arrived at Mauritius on Sunday, and we are at very lovely Hotel. Today we discovered that part of the money that we left at the room was robbery. We reported to the Hotel and tomorrow we will report to the police. Does anyone had a similar situation and any suggestions ?

Patrick Louise answered 6 months ago

Sorry was it in a safe and if hotel or police don’t help can we have name of hotel thanks you was it 5 star as sure will have cameras around

Christa Vanhecke answered 6 months ago

Oh, to bad. I hope you ccan get it back somehow!

Rajen Ramah answered 6 months ago

Any cameras ,hallway/lobby?

Nikki Bowyer answered 6 months ago

Out the safe ??

Roshan Luximon answered 6 months ago

Which hotel you are staying dear

Corinna Ozturk answered 6 months ago

If it was locked in a safe and you get a police report you should be able to claim off of your travel insurance. There should be evidence of your break in though. If it wasn’t locked away you unfortunately, won’t see it again or get back from the insurance

Nat Rose answered 6 months ago

Did you put your valuable in the safe?

Vitus Hoffmann answered 6 months ago

no safe?

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