QuestionsAccommodation-HotelsIs it too windy at Riu Turquoise in Le Morne?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago

What about Riu Turquoise in Le Morne?
… because i read the place is windy…. so it's not comfortable stay on the beach?

Nikhil Doyle-Ramah answered 4 months ago

Indeed very windy…
Best place to be is up North, Grandbaie, Perebere area

Sam Anderson answered 4 months ago

Le morne isnt windy that its awful to stay on the beach, its a breeze but it depends what time of year you go as to the strength of the wind.

Ashley Victor answered 4 months ago

it depends where at le morne. there is a site of kite surfing there. so imagine the wind. the water is beautiful at lemorne but year the wind is an issue in some places

Cheryl Cross answered 4 months ago

If you traveling to Maurtius end Oct Nov Dec you blessed to have wind or a breeze as it’s sweltering hot.

Cheryl Cross answered 4 months ago

West Coast of Maurtius is my favorite. Been there plenty ! Nothing wrong with East Cosst when it’s so hot.

Patrick Louise answered 4 months ago

Though that hotel was closed as doing up ?

Lovena Anunda answered 4 months ago

It’s still under renovation I think.. do confirm pls

Michael Lionel answered 4 months ago

Windy… in winter.

Hazel Dodge answered 4 months ago

The wind blowing makes the temperature more acceptable

Terry Lamarque answered 4 months ago

That is where I teach Kitesurfing and Wing Foiling, so most of the time windy. Just round the corner in front of the Mariott there is no wind. The Riu is under construction right now though…

Issoop Bankur answered 4 months ago

Still under renovation..very shortly perhaps will renew!!!!

JM Carosin answered 4 months ago

Very windy in winter.

Ally Munawwar Tarsoo answered 4 months ago

Change your hearing source.

Thanaz Desalles answered 4 months ago

Valentina Patafiocca yes in winter lot of wind at rui but 2 km from rui you have a nice beach with no wind beaucause of the mountain. and in summer normally less windy on rui side.

Hemant Ramdass answered 4 months ago

Riu closed for renovation 🙃

Issoop Bankur answered 4 months ago

Any big hotel in the world possessing this piece of land at Le Morne Brabant is blessed coz of its topography and excellent position.Indian Resort left it but Riu quickly jumped on the occasion.

Ismael Carrim answered 4 months ago

Very windy , but if you love kitesurf its à good spot , better in the north

Amita Rose answered 4 months ago

Book a hotel in the North u will luv the place , grand bay, pereybere, mon choisy. Trous aux biches. Black lava etc

René Müller answered 4 months ago

I was just there. So November/December. The Riu Hotel is currently being rebuilt. It will be huge with a total of 700 beds. When it comes to wind, the micro-location is important. While the section from the Marriott/Lux/Beachcomber is almost windless, you have more wind at the southern tip (that’s where the new Riu is). But you won’t feel negative about it this time of year. It is very warm and you will enjoy it. The surrounding landscape is an absolute dream. Bring bathing shoes because of the corals. Be happy!

David McDonald answered 4 months ago

Oddly the temperature is hottest on the coast, and cooler inland.

Alain Chan You Fee answered 4 months ago

The windy weather is a big positive plus. It makes the sun in summer very comfortable .

Issoop Bankur answered 4 months ago

Another matter that I would like to drive home is that Riu Creole has a resonance with our language..Creole and a good number of the inhabitants are commonly called Creole of African descent,so it match with the large swimming pool hahahaha hahahaha.

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