QuestionsFood-RestaurantsBriyani la viande, salade pomme d’amour, archard mangue et la biere
Anonymous asked 4 months ago

Ene bon briyani la viande, salade pomme d'amour, archard mangue et ene bon la biere flying dodo🤤🍻

Christiane Green answered 4 months ago


Wâlãss Aliašš answered 4 months ago

Pomme d’amour ma cherii 😍 to préférée Joyce Princy Perrumall

Ahmad Bhujoo answered 4 months ago

No spoon.La main meme bisin ca 👌👌

Satish Lachman answered 4 months ago

Top sa…😋

Didier Jean-Claude Etienne answered 4 months ago


Kaviraj Chatun answered 4 months ago

Looks delicious 😋

Marie Barbe answered 4 months ago

Très appétissant

Patrick Uranie answered 4 months ago

Looks delicious 😋

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