Anonymous asked 9 months ago
Is Mauritius any good for vegan options? 
Karen Soodeen answered 9 months ago

Yes very much so xx

Jessica MArie answered 9 months ago

Yes lot

Shakun Harris answered 9 months ago

No …

Katie Reed answered 9 months ago

Hope so, I’m going in 4 weeks! Lol

Stevie Park answered 9 months ago

Following 😊

Helen Levy answered 9 months ago

Yes, exceptionally good!

Karin Bendtsen answered 9 months ago

It Will be a good thing for you to take some protein bars with you from home. My grandchild is vegan, and the hotel made delicius meals , but After a week he felt that he did’nt Got enough proteins. We bought some bars After visiting the doctor. It was not in the shops where we came.

Andreas Schober answered 9 months ago

Yes! Very good … Streetfood and a lot of Restaurants offer vegan options/food, you have plenty of different fresh fruits and Supermarkets offer a very good variety of vegan convenience food!

One ☝🏼 f the best things you can have are veg roti … you‘ll find then at almost every corner 🙂

DeLui VientmonSalut answered 9 months ago

You can choose anything you want to eat…

Sierra Merritt answered 9 months ago

Sarah Wright I’m an expat in Mauritius with some dietary restrictions as well. I created a page on my website with a directory of nearly 70 establishments that offer vegan options. I hope this helps. 👍

Jutta Freese answered 9 months ago

look at Vegan islanders and Just Kris
on fb

Katrina Jones answered 9 months ago

Have a look at the reviews on sunrise attitude hotel. 😊

Glenn Lutchmayah answered 9 months ago

Vegan islanders

Mohd Talal answered 9 months ago

Lots of vegetables there

Mary-Jane Taylor answered 9 months ago

Mauritian butter bean curry is delicious.

Kreshmee Murree answered 9 months ago


Saleem Housee answered 9 months ago

Split pea fritters -gatteu Pimma,extremely Moorish similar to falafel 🧆

Saleem Housee answered 9 months ago

Dhal poories very popular and served with sauces

Caro Mau answered 9 months ago

ATTITUDE hotels and Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel have a good variety of vegan food

Ved Awotar answered 9 months ago

Many of us are vegetarian. No problem to find veg food.

Aktaar Mohammad answered 9 months ago

today best briani veg in p.louis

Antoinette Visser Visser answered 9 months ago


Selven Mooroongapillay answered 9 months ago

Try street food dalpuri. It’s veg and typically Mauritian food. You won’t regret.

Manisha Hurchy answered 9 months ago

Yes but you might struggle for variety if you’re only going to eat in your hotel. A lot of food is vegetarian as standard anyway, so inevitably will include vegan options.

Barbara Rebecca Elkaz answered 9 months ago

I am vegan and live in Mauritius so you can contact me in PM ..but in general….if you are in hotel , some hotels will have more like Lux and Attitude…the otters will have less but you can ask to meet chef and they will do things for you …
If you are going to be in a house or appartment….there are vegan products in super and Intermart ( burgers , falafel ECC eddc ( , vegan milk, yoghurt only in some places….well plenty of veg to buy if you will cook….
If you will eat out my simple option is rotti with veg staff inside ( and cheap.)… Or fried veg rice or fried veg noodles, lentils eccv .in north there are few vegan restaurant small once

Just Kris answered 9 months ago

Awesome! I’m originally from the UK been living in Mauritius for 11 years and have been vegan for 10 of those years if you want to know all the places to get vegan food on the island follow my page @vegan_islanders on Instagram also you can follow my us on Facebook and my Facebook account Just Kris

Bernd Mößner answered 9 months ago

Is petroleum-based aviation fuel actually vegan?

Katie Tunn answered 9 months ago

We had a wonderful time trying all the vegan-friendly street food, there are loads of options thanks to the Indian influence. It was really refreshing to get to try so many different things (pani puri, samosas, gato, fruit pickles… just watch out for things made with ghee)

Our hotel (the Maritim) was good too, they said that they would make things especially for us but we found that the buffet had plenty of options anyway. We just made sure to have plant milk in the fridge in our room (you can buy this in the supermarkets but our hotel gave us some)
For travelling out and about we had little sachets of milk but you can get powdered stuff now too.

Pamela Sahajasein answered 9 months ago


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