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Mm805 asked 5 months ago

Will be visiting later this month and was wondering how extensive is Apple Pay facilities in Mauritius? Will bring some cash but would rather use my phone to pay for ease and flexibility.I will have to go to the PMO office to apply for my ID card, does anyone know if Apple Pay is accepted?Thanks

Early_Caregiver_5900 answered 5 months ago

I am not sure Apple pay works in Mauritius. The last time I checked it wasn’t

[deleted] answered 5 months ago


saajidv answered 5 months ago

Apple Pay is not available *from* Mauritian banks, but it uses the same underlying technology as Visa/Mastercard contactless payments, which are known as “Touch & Pay” here and are very widespread. So, it technically should work.

I would bring cash to a government office though, as those are often using very outdated technology.

osbaksbwm answered 5 months ago

Btw does google pay work?

Extra_Speaker9083 answered 5 months ago

We servi Juice in zis pays my frend

DaisyInTheWater answered 5 months ago

I used Apple Pay with my UK accounts but the juice app for Mauritian.

GregTheBoss007 answered 5 months ago

Apple Pay with Visa cards works better for me than Mastercards …

ciphersaw answered 5 months ago

Mauritian BANKS don’t support it yet, but if you have Apple/Google pay set up already with a bank from ourside of Mauritius then it will work just fine (same as contactless). People use it all the time.

Loky90 answered 5 months ago

Works fine everywhere I went which accepted contactless payments. Maybe you sould check for conversion rate , my cc rate was the same as a western union transfer or a cash conversion in any exchange .
Actually I got way better rates doing a bulk transfer from my cc on the moneygram app then sending to me as receiver so I can cash in directly to my MCB account.

HistorianShort6375 answered 5 months ago

I had to use my Canadian card once with Apple pay and It worked. The NFC technology works just as a tap chip on normal cards so it should be seamless. Cash is always preferred though.

ninjabaker04 answered 5 months ago

Yes, I use it all the time. You just have to tell them you want to “Touch & Pay”.

I have a Visa credit card and an Amex in my wallet. The Visa credit card works everywhere. However, I can only use Amex if the merchant has a MCB device (red in colour).

gilbertcarosin answered 5 months ago

paypal might be an alternative …. i use it for booking my studio session

Pangolin-1 answered 5 months ago

My apple pay is connected to a european bank and it worked perfectly in mauritius some weeks ago. Most restaurants accept card payment/apple pay/contactless. Only in small snack restaurants we needed some cash.

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