QuestionsGeneral-MiscAre Mauritians open enough to discuss they have foot fetish?
kingtooe8 asked 5 months ago

I see many boys on social media from Mauritius post photos of beautiful girls feet but rarely admit that they have a foot fetish. who agree we should have a channel dedicated to Mauritian feet appreciation?

Mountainking7 answered 5 months ago

Not me. gross

CompetitiveSecret835 answered 5 months ago

Am a guy and I have this craze of foot fetish….

Lopsided_Constant422 answered 5 months ago


Little_Islander_Mu answered 5 months ago

A Channel dedicated to Mauritian feet ? Sorry but that’s really weird

Spookymember answered 5 months ago

Bro what 💀

Agreeable-Law-9495 answered 5 months ago

There are some people who are *toe-tally* into it, and I hope that nobody tells you to avoy *ferfoot*

SonderingQuizel answered 5 months ago

Should honestly have a r/NSFWMauritius. It would be a place to find feet pics but also weird stuff like “left right left right at mont choisy” and even accidents that are not safe for work.

d1lf_luver answered 5 months ago

Ew, that’s hella weird and off putting.

Neil1234_ answered 5 months ago

Okay this is crazy 🫠

StarLord1228 answered 5 months ago

Yes. Im totally in. I have a huge foot fetish and not ashamed.. lol. Why should anyone be ashamed of a fetish? If someone finds it weird, they just have to not look at it.
Count me in bro!

Katen1023 answered 5 months ago

Well….the people I’ve interacted with who do have a foot fetish have been very honest about it…guess it depends on their attitude to sex in general.

CompetitiveSecret835 answered 5 months ago

Me too.. for those who didn’t know check shoesession 😂

Angrybird2025 answered 5 months ago

I dnt
But nsfw for Mru? Will be ok

reina3463 answered 5 months ago

Yeah, some mur folks (guys and gals) do have foot fetish. It’s kinda diverse tho.

No_Secret_805 answered 5 months ago

I agree. I’ll definitely join it for research purposes.

MauritianDigBick7596 answered 5 months ago


tabascorez26 answered 5 months ago

How about high heels fetish? Totally love when seeing girls wearing those stilettos

MauveLink answered 5 months ago


CompetitiveSecret835 answered 5 months ago

Anyone fancy heels left under the desk in office ? 😜

spunkystoic answered 5 months ago

In the 60s and 70s women’s feet were openly seen as a sign of beauty.

There was even that famous scene in The Parent Trap (a Disney movie, no less!) where the husband guy is staring at his wife on tiptoes reaching shelves in the kitchen…

…plus the numerous pics of Audrey Hepburn and stuff.

I don’t know why it’s suddenly weird in the 2020s…it’s like we’ve gotten prudish in this one niche area 😂

Deep-Celebration-966 answered 5 months ago

Yes, but I feel that weird

LDylandy answered 5 months ago

Guys, looks like we found one of the Brown Sequard Mental Hospital escapees!

ConstructionHorror54 answered 5 months ago

idk but u would always know that they have a foot fetish cuz of some comments like ‘can i see your feet’, are your nails painted??, u have beautiful feet ;can i touch them

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