QuestionsGeneral-MiscBest Health Insurance for an individual coming to MRU on a Premium Visa
PAO_Warrior asked 1 year ago

If possible, please provide information on insurance companies and their associated costs.

jeyoung answered 1 year ago

I can’t help you with local insurers, but there are previous threads on this topic.

Given that you’re coming on a Premium visa, which is valid for only one year, shouldn’t you consider this as a long trip and take travel insurance from your home country? That would cover much more than just medical needs; it would also cover loss of property and, perhaps most importantly, repatriation costs should something bad happen to* you.

Opiumater answered 1 year ago

Swan is number one.

John_Popel answered 1 year ago

The major drawback of local health insurance (e.g SWAN) that they cover instant payments only for “disasters”. Ig you need a doctor or surgery, via the best Mauritian local insurance, you will need to wait 3-6months before visiting one via the insurance. And if you visit him or make a surgery faster – they won’t reimburse. Combine that with cheep (for the US/EU) prices for medical services. Thus, imho, it does’t worth for an expats to have local insurance.

TimB0007 answered 11 months ago

Hey dude, so how did your application for premium visa go?
I am planning to apply. What did you do for housing ?

Also what about round trip plane ticket 😀 ?


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