QuestionsGeneral-MiscCan you recommend a dentist to fix snapped denture plate?
Anonymous asked 1 month ago

My mother is visiting us on the island and needs help fixing her temporary denture plate that snapped in half. Can you recommend a dentist or dental technician near Tamarin Bay to assist with this as soon as possible? The broken denture is affecting her morale.

Gerard R Thomas answered 1 month ago

G&R Dental. Flic en Flac

Catherine Leclezio answered 1 month ago

Dr Vincent Bourgault du Coudray has a very good reputation. He’s in Phoenix. DM me if you want his phone number. I don’t have it and it seems he’s not readily available on the internet, for some reason. It is not Dr Vincent of Quatre Bornes. I’m sure Dr Vincent of Quatre Bornes is good but as I don’t know him, I can only recommend Dr Vincent Bourgault du Coudray of Phoenix.

Jill Drake answered 1 month ago

The only person I’d recommend is Dr Anton de Waal.

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