QuestionsGeneral-MiscDoes anyone know if Mauritius has charity shops/clothes donation banks?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Does anyone know if Mauritius has charity shops/clothes donation banks?
Just thinking a number of the clothes that we brought for my son we won't likely get much use of when we return to the UK. By the time we see the sun again at home he'll likely have grown out of them!

Cindy Lemince answered 4 months ago

There’s Serendipity in Pointe aux Cannonier,

Barbara Rebecca Elkaz answered 4 months ago

Serendipity- By All Life Matters and The Good Shop Mauritius

Whendie Bushell answered 4 months ago

What a great idea
I’ve brought too many clothes with me also
Been here 3 months and tend to live in bikinis and shorts 😂

Marieline Desvaux answered 4 months ago


Alexandria Banks answered 4 months ago

Great idea… also donate to orphanages👍👍👍🌷🌷🌷

Verona Kelly answered 4 months ago

Serendepity Charity shop in Point Aux Cannonier, for the welfare of animals and disadvantaged community. Open Monday to Saturday 10 am to 2pm. Donations welcome.

Caro Mau answered 4 months ago

There is also Caritas that does a great job on the island

Denis Ah answered 4 months ago


Gill Moore answered 4 months ago

There is one in tamerin depends were u are

Sonya Castegnaro answered 4 months ago

Charity Shop Tamarin

Julian Appadu answered 4 months ago

Orphanage at pere laval would be very grateful of donations

Marie Brayshaw answered 4 months ago

There are s few Good shop all over the island

Connie Alexander answered 4 months ago

I am helping a shelter in Bamboo, if stuff is given to charity shops they sell it and use the money for several causes, but some people dont even have the money to buy there. Below Alex are distributing donations i collected.

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