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OptimisedMan asked 6 months ago

I'd like to know if there is an income disparity in salaries between men and women in Mauritius, who do the same/ similar jobs?Also, do men and women contribute equally do household expenses eg rent, home loan, utlitilities, car etc?Are attitudes changing, and if so, in what direction? This is for men and women.I'd like to know this as I have met some very ambitious young girls within my relatives, and some very lazy young boys! However, those in the mid 20s-30s seem to not care so much about money...though I cannot generalise.​​

Owl-Programmatically answered 6 months ago

For government jobs, it doesn’t exist. U get paid the same irrespective of sex, but I dunno about private sector

devjav answered 6 months ago

I cannot really tell if this kind of discriminatory practice still exists in Mauritius. I have seen a lot of Mercedes/BMW on the road with female drivers and loads of corporate managers and directors being women. Actually, this question even surprises me because it doesn’t really exist in the big firms. Most accounting/financial firms here in Mauritius have actually more women than men and we all know how people in those sectors are well remunerated. This question should be put behind because this kind of discriminatory practice is not there for those people who want to achieve and go miles ahead, irrespective of it being a man or woman.

LegisMoris answered 6 months ago

I honestly have not seen this disparity in Mauritius.
Nowadays so many companies, law firms are lead by women and are paid proportionately to their post.

Extra_Speaker9083 answered 6 months ago

I work in the financial services sector in Mauritius. Both men and women want to earn well. I don’t think there are any disparities between men and women. It is very easy once in a job to move within the financial sector to different companies. So companies have an incentive to pay to retain staff.

Most of my colleagues share the expenses at home with their spouses. But some of my male colleagues prefer to take care of the home expenses and not take money from their wives. Many of my male colleagues, also, just avoid marriage. Im 34 yo male, and do not even think about being in a relationship. I would rather spend what I earn on myself.

In the beginning, you don’t earn a lot and due to the many long hours, tend to spend for your own pleasure, to cope with the longer hours. But over time, it changes.

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    More than 1.2 million people reside on the Mauritius islands, leading to a high population density (highest in the entire African continent). There are more women than men on the island, leading to a very healthy gender ratio.
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