QuestionsGeneral-MiscHow to start a greenhouse business ?
Careless-Fox8097 asked 4 months ago

Hello Does anyone know how to start a greenhouse business in mauritius ? And what about the government scheme ? Is there a minimum perche of land required to start it ?

floreal999 answered 4 months ago

Step 1: buy a greenhouse
Step 2: profit?

Raspberry_Donut__ answered 4 months ago

Don’t do it.

lou1745 answered 4 months ago

You will need to be recognized as a small planter for at least 1 year before getting any schemes from FAREI. To apply for a planter’s card, you need to have either agricultural land under your name that you are cultivating or have a registered rental agreement for a piece of agricultural land (there is a minimum area requirement of 1 Arpent, I think). After that, you maintain contact with FAREI for a year, buttering them up. FAREI may ask you to attend their courses on vegetable cultivation in greenhouse. Then, you ‘may’ qualify for schemes and get up to 50% refund on the construction of a greenhouse. Note that it’s a refund, so you will have to have the money upfront to pay your contractor and expect to wait anywhere from 6 months to 2 years for that refund. To qualify for further benefits, you greenhouse need to be at least 250 sq. meter if I’m not mistaken.

Otherwise, if you have land available, I would suggest you take either a business loan or a personal loan to build your greenhouse. Expect costs to amount to Rs 1.5 – 1.8 million for a 300 sq. meter greenhouse (Rs 6000/sqmeter). That’s the minimum that is usually recommended to offset the high investment costs in equipment, anything smaller and you won’t produce enough to pay back your loan or make a profit.

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