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Star_Vulture_9017 asked 1 year ago

I missed the June 2023 intake for UOM, but I found out about the August intake for OU instead. I'm unsure which university would be a better choice for me to pursue a bachelor's degree in Finance & Law. If I choose UOM, I would have to wait until June 2024 to start, which means I would already be 21 years old. On the other hand, if I go to OU starting in August 2023, I would have a head start of one year. However, I feel like I'm already late in joining university due to the effects of Covid. I'm also concerned if companies in the country would accept a degree from OU. If I decide to go to OU, should I start working full time since it's a part-time program? Or should I wait for a year to join UOM? I'm worried that attending OU part-time instead of full-time at UOM might result in missing out on the typical university life experience. Alternatively, is it even possible for me to start my first year at OU and then transfer to UOM in Year 2 next year? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or help as I am completely lost and unsure of what to do. 😭😭

Timely-Bird-2393 answered 1 year ago

the deadline to apply for UOM is 31 may, try to apply

salmankm answered 1 year ago

I think you’d lose out on the experience if you go OU tbh. Try to make it UOM, a friend of mines got in recently for applied computing. Or maybe curtin/middlesex if you’ve got the funds, their intake is sept i think.

Ilijin answered 1 year ago

Why not UDM and a get a French degree recognized in all Europe 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Vast-Reason-9346 answered 1 year ago

Try utm

BeiLe1 answered 1 year ago

It’s never too old to learn. Be it 16 or 60.

Retribuzione answered 1 year ago

Feel already old – Thats ok

Will companies accept OU degree – Yes

Will i lose my uni life if i attend OU instead of uom – Definitely yes

Try contacting uom they might let you slip in or just wait, age has nothing to do with education.

NeKapS9 answered 1 year ago

UTM is more advanced in terms of courses they run.

island_kemono answered 1 year ago

Honestly, seeing how the economy is progressing, i would advise OU(or even UOM) part time, and work full time. You’ll have to study a lot on your own, but with the internet and other resources provided by OU itself, you should be okay as long as you’re dedicated. Working while you study will be hard, but once you graduate you’ll have a CV that’s worth more than your peers having only the degree, with the work experience you’ll have accumulated. This will give you a non-negligible edge when applying for higher-paid jobs etc. And you’ll also have more money that you earned yourself. But it all depends on your personal goals ofc.

Muzzammil_15 answered 12 months ago

Get some reviews for people who did that course

There are a lot of lecturers at uom who are not professional and keep personal revenge against students.

Go somewhere where you are treated like an adult not somewhere where they don’t respect your opinion

That’s why I’m saying ask for people who went to uom for that course for reviews

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