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Angrybird2025 asked 6 months ago

Hi I had a car accident on 6nov 2023. Today it’s the 20th nov (that’s 14 days) and I have on multiple occasions contacted LAMCO but they never give a positive feedback as to when I will get a spare car to use while my car gets repaired. I always hear from them that a surveyor needs to work on the bills for damages and so on and this takes time. That’s already 14 days of misery, today also it’s the same feedback and they said it probably take a week or two before the car(which is already in garage since day 1) will be eligible for repairs after which I will get a spare car to use. What a premium service from LAMCO(my annual contribution is 26K) My question to you people is what should I do to get this done quicker or is it same with other insurances. Or if u we’re in the same scenario, what did you do or contact to make this work out faster

AceSpadePirate answered 6 months ago

This is the reason many people just pay the bare minimum insurance. Because the service is really poor. I have no experience with LAMCO

AsianFrenchie answered 6 months ago

Your premium seems quite high. Can I ask what vehicle and what year is it?


I am with Sicom and I am satisfied. I had an accident in May and it was not very far from home so I drove home. Then I called towing who took the car to the garage. I dont remember the exact timeline but the garage did a devis and the so-called expert checked the car there. It did took a while but the quote was approved and the repairs were done.

I opted to get compensation for the loss of vehicle use instead of the a replacement vehicle. It did not count for the days when the devis had not been approved yet though.

Gornuff answered 6 months ago

Well, I dealt with 3 different insurance companies and let me reassure you that they r all *sh*t*. Be it when I paid 12k or 47k premium.

Normally insurance companies have a time frame to act on your claim. You should know yours.

Then, if they are already past the time frame, you have the right to file an official complaint to your insurance.

Give a lot of details in the complaint.

The authority gives the insurance company 3 days to give u a first reply. Then a few weeks to settle the complaint.

Then, If you aren’t satisfied at all after the complaint handling, go to FSC website (their authority) and write a complaint to the ombudsperson for financial services.

The moment the complaint handling of your insurer reads your complaint, they will push give u an answer and close your complaint because all complaints go to the board of directors at least twice yearly and the insurer is obligated to kept the complaint and their final response letter in their file for inspection (if any) by their authority.

The complaint might not provide an immediate solution to you.
It will at least make the insurer move their a**.

salmankm answered 6 months ago

Insurance companies are absolute crap here. I had a very bad experience with phoenix. Now I’m switching to swan and phoenix doesnt even want to give me my f-ing claim history certificate.

Sad_Preference_1468 answered 6 months ago

Rent a car if you really need it. Then you might ask them for refund later.

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