QuestionsGeneral-MiscRecommend some affordable, but reliable 4k TV for playing PS4 please
FullmetalJun asked 5 months ago

Since it's holidays and seeing there might be some discounts, can you guys recommend some reliable and affordable TVs for gaming.I heard Myros is the worst ever. There are some like Orion, Trust, Westpoint and Blaupunkt, but do they have good image quality?

TechNick1-1 answered 5 months ago


TCL or Hisense are your best Option.

SuddenAd1640 answered 5 months ago

For me, I’d go for an LG.
It doesn’t upsell its brand like Sammy and its WebOS and magic remote are good features for me.

MrPekko answered 5 months ago

TCL or LG.

Else Sony TVs paired with PS are the creme de la creme. They paired so well and had the power to use the TV remote with the PS for movies. But we know they aren’t that affordable.

k3sh3 answered 5 months ago

TCL best bang for buck

MS_BOY answered 5 months ago

Bro watch this.

pavit answered 5 months ago

If you’re paying cash then wait for Iconic (Sony’s Official local distributor) to make their end of year sale… like 30-40% on their lineup…

But it’s only cash…

And nothing beats Sony Bravia TVs for image processing and quality 💁‍♂️

Ry_Ka69 answered 5 months ago

Hisense should do the trick for you.

RYajnesh answered 5 months ago

TCL, LG and Samsung
I prefer Samsung as it integrates well in my home tech-ecosystem (I use Samsung phone and other devices)

Diligent_Energy_4922 answered 5 months ago

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact model. However, i would suggest you look for a tv that has the following specs : 120hz refresh rate ,oled screen, and brand would be samsung ,lg or sony

StarLord1228 answered 5 months ago

Hisense all the way. Got my 65″ at Rs29k and i cannot be happier.

girish367 answered 5 months ago

U can get samsung oled tv ( 65 inches or less ) for a good price as they are on sale

saajidv answered 5 months ago

PS4 may have been a flagship console but it also is 10 years old, even the low end TVs nowadays will do the job.

salmankm answered 5 months ago

Don’t get a TCL, mine broke a year in and still under warranty but cannot be fixed. Agency issues and whatnot. Save up and get something reliable. Samsung 55” is like 22k rn

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