QuestionsGeneral-MiscSodomy legalized in Mauritius
aramjatan asked 8 months ago

On October 4, 2023, the Supreme Court of Mauritius deems article 250 of the Criminal Code, which criminalizes sodomy, discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Mauricien247 answered 8 months ago

Aster pena problem, cav met par derriere avec consentment. Sales of vaseline and lube pu monter la!

Escanor1365 answered 8 months ago

Mem li taboo, bku pratique li.

naks26 answered 8 months ago

Finalement Maurice ine rentre dans 20ème siècle 😅

Bulky_Opportunity558 answered 8 months ago

Baby steps to legalize same-sex marriage?

ajaxsirius answered 8 months ago

From the article:

> La cour a décrété que l’article 250(1) du Code pénal qui criminalise la sodomie est discriminatoire et anticonstitutionnel, dans la mesure où il s’applique aux actes entre adultes masculins consentants.

JonJonSee answered 8 months ago

Well great, It make no sense to criminalize people for something they do in their intimity and hurts no one.

Bankz92 answered 8 months ago

Great news! I’ll be sure to celebrate with my wife tonight.

ianik7777 answered 8 months ago

legaliser ou pas, pena okene leffet sa. pki bcp dza p fer li. et aussi, meme si legalise li, sa pas ve dir ki bolfam oblizer daccord. li tzr kapav met n case pou viol etc.

salmankm answered 8 months ago

Nepli pu municipalité aster

marchmadness3 answered 8 months ago

It’s almost disgusting how the news decided to focus on the sodomie part just for the sake of sensationalism. Homosexuality was decriminalized!

That’s the real news!

Katen1023 answered 8 months ago

This is amazing news, and finally, a step in the right direction. We’re finally moving forward!
The government should not have a say in what goes on in its citizens bedrooms.

FireBraguette answered 8 months ago

Sa qualiter pinok p b*ur lepep depi 2014.. mo ti croire zafer la ti deja legal 😏

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