QuestionsGeneral-MiscToday, I discovered the existence of the “loneliest palm” which resides within the Curepipe Botanic Gardens, located in the town of Curepipe.
M3m3nt0M0r15 asked 11 months ago

Hyophorbe amaricaulis, also known as the "loneliest palm," is a unique palm tree species that belongs to the order Arecales, family Arecaceae, subfamily Arecoideae, and tribe Chamaedoreeae. This species is exclusively found on the island of Mauritius, with only a single surviving tree documented in the Curepipe Botanic Gardens. Consequently, it is classified as an endling, which sadly mirrors the fate of the now-extinct dodo.

vivacity297 answered 11 months ago

It can’t be cloned? 🥺

ConfectionHot6345 answered 11 months ago

Atan mo geté si mo ena so la grain dan mo tiroir🤭

RRikesh answered 11 months ago

That’s a plant that fascinated me for more than a decade. From what I learnt by asking multiple people who were from Curepipe (which doesn’t mean it’s true), there used to be 2-3 of them and they died due to negligence except the last one.

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