QuestionsGeneral-MiscMy husband lost his phone but a Mauritian gentleman found it and returned it to us :)
Anonymous asked 3 months ago

Today my husband lost his mobile at Bain Boeuf beach but we didn’t realise until over an hour later after we had driven to another beach. I called his phone on the off chance that someone might pick up - it was answered by a lovely young man who said he would wait for us at the car park to return the phone which he did!! So thankful and grateful to this young Mauritian gentleman - didn’t catch his name but a million Thanks 🙏 God Bless ❤️🥰🇲🇺

Norman Douglas answered 3 months ago

Restores your faith in human nature 😎

Patrick Louise answered 3 months ago

That a lovely story

San Ya answered 3 months ago

Good people still exist❤️

Juan Carlos Fontecilla Faine answered 3 months ago

Good people

Erika Muller answered 3 months ago

Mauritians are a great cultural and friendliest in the world!! If I could I would immigrate asap!! Just love MAURITIUS and the kindness of the people, always but always helpful!!!!! 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

Christiane Green answered 3 months ago


Heike Stocklauser answered 3 months ago


Patsy Charnier answered 3 months ago

One Love in action, let’s get together and feel alright! ☘

Williams Chuks answered 3 months ago

That’s very good

Renilla Pillay answered 3 months ago

Wow…God bless that gentleman

Preyvin Sookun answered 3 months ago

In luck then Gav

Virginie Hemond answered 3 months ago

Il y a quand même encore de bonnes personnes 😍

Rooma Bundhoo answered 3 months ago

That shows the kind of people they r

Peter Johnson answered 3 months ago

Mauritian people are great. Respect

Steven Greenwood answered 3 months ago

Good people Clergy Joseph

Nelia Van Zyl answered 3 months ago

Now this is Mauritius and the Mauritians! My son lost his wallet (5 years ago) and a young man phoned and said he found it just outside the restaurant in Bagatelle. We drove all the way back from the North and there he was, big smile and so happy to help us!! They are one of a kind! I just love the island and the people.💕💕

Paul Pullan - Turner answered 3 months ago

Lovely end

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