QuestionsGeneral-MiscWhat insect is this and why are there so many of them
Horny_Panda69 asked 12 months ago

Comparative purposes can be served by using a hand.

Horny_Panda69 answered 12 months ago

It’s not a mosquito (not one that bites at least). It just sits on walls. I’ve never seen so many of them before… they’re everywhere and there’s hundreds of them dead the next morning.

y2kbass answered 12 months ago

Damn we have them here in seychelles, they are attracted to light, you will have millions around your home soon, it’s hard to get rid of them, they just fly around and die

PurposeFine answered 12 months ago

This year has been an infestation of incredible proportion.

Every night, there’s hundreds if not thousands around any light. Come to your TV screen, your phone screen even your white clothes.

Really annoying.

Can’t just sit and close the windows and sit in the dark but I can’t think of any other solution.

Next morning a whole load dead on the floor next to your light source.

Middle-Commission-85 answered 12 months ago

These must be midges. Check this out

ConfectionHot6345 answered 12 months ago

Thank you for using your hand for scale😅

ballsofsteels answered 12 months ago

Glad that I don’t have a single one here, I live on the central plateau

shrekyboo answered 12 months ago

My god, lemme guess, you live in the north?
They have been getting in food, cant even have dinner at peace, in our drinks, wake up in the mornjbg the house is litterrd with them dead around if not 100’s of them on the daily.

AceSpadePirate answered 12 months ago

I was about to post the same thing today. Thanks OP for posting this with nice pictures.

Anyone know where they come from and how to get rid of them?

Due_Consequence_5116 answered 12 months ago

Yeah those are a species called flying tarantulas they are common in mostly every part of the world I don’t know how people can be so dumb it impresses even me who’s failing my common tests

Opiumater answered 12 months ago

Never had so many come at dawn. Maybe due to climate change? I use a blue light that attracts them all and kills them on the spot.

yalebatar answered 12 months ago

This thing started two years ago in my region. it starts with one or two around the house then as winter starts kicking in, it is an infestation… best thing is to close windows at nightfall and switch on the outside lights. Those things are worst than termites in summer, termites will go only on lights. Those will go for the lights, food and your own self.. true pain in the ass

FullmetalJun answered 12 months ago

I live at Phoenix and they are officially my number 1 enemy. They do bite and for some reason, these pos like to fly around the eyes. They’re everywhere. I put a mask and wear a cap and socks every time I’m sitting or watching tv. Don’t know what to do. They’re straight from hell

Adept-Drummer5367 answered 12 months ago

Thank you for posting this! My sisters were saying that we have so many of them because i have numerous aquariums 😂 im showing them this

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