QuestionsGeneral-MiscWhat should I bring for my wife’s family from Mauritius when I meet them?
Gaytrude asked 11 months ago

Hello!My wife is in Mauritius for her school friend's wedding. I couldn't go, but I wanted to surprise her by going there with her brother to meet her extended family. I'm unsure of what to bring them as a gift. Any ideas? Food and alcohol are not options.Thanks!

Bankz92 answered 11 months ago

I’m married to a Mauritian woman and she always gets me to buy food and booze at the duty free when traveling .But if you can’t bring these then I’m not sure what else besides stuff from your own country that they can’t get here

FireBraguette answered 11 months ago

Ene bombone gaz bleu, zafr la p vine rare

joeyl5 answered 11 months ago

any dry snacks/cookies/biscuits from your country would be appreciated.

earthly_marsian answered 11 months ago

When you collect your checked Luggage from the carousel, the duty free is right there. Hope in, get some bourbon and whiskey. Don’t exceed the limit and you will be praised.

LanceShiro answered 11 months ago

All the booze you can bring. If they do not drink, you can drink everything yourself.

RoseHill20201 answered 11 months ago

If you’re coming from the Uk bring some chocolates. Tins of Quality Street or Roses etc.

NeKapS9 answered 11 months ago

If they drink alcohol, some bottles 😅 and biscuits etc for the children.

doGscent answered 11 months ago

Rhum/whisky for the men (Charette for the connoisseur), wine/sweet alcohol for the ladies and chocolate (or whatever the local specialty is where you live) for the kids. You could also bring coffee, or special kinds of tea, spices, cooking ingredients, anything consumable, really.

NicoAbraxas answered 11 months ago

Sarcasm. They’ll love it. 😁

lex2101 answered 11 months ago

Alcohol and chocolate

Cavo answered 11 months ago

Where are you comming from?

tabascorez26 answered 11 months ago

Red label

yikaprio answered 11 months ago

Scarves and sweaters?

shaz_28 answered 11 months ago

A cake!!

Longjumping-Loan4582 answered 11 months ago

Ask ChatGPT with your context. Here’s mines:

Certainly! Here are some specific brands from Quebec that you can consider for alcohol and sweets:

1. Whiskey: Crown Royal, Canadian Club, Pike Creek, Lot No. 40.
2. Ice Wine: Inniskillin, Peller Estates, Jackson-Triggs.

1. Maple Syrup: Escuminac, Decacer, Les Sucreries Beaurivage.
2. Maple Treats: Maple Delights, Martin Picard’s Maple Products, Maple 3.
3. Chocolates: Chocomotive, Chocolats Favoris, Rochef Chocolatier.

These brands offer a range of high-quality products that are well-regarded from Quebec. Remember to check availability and choose the ones that align with your preferences and budget.

Don’t “break your head” figuring it out!

Aizendickens answered 11 months ago

Clothes and/or shoes or parfum…

Or something that’s relatively rare here but common where you live

Also…you might be exposing yourself to family drama by doing a surprise visit

dodonest answered 11 months ago

Chocolate, mugs/cups, handmade soaps/body wash

Diligent_Energy_4922 answered 11 months ago

Cigarettes and whisky

Careless_Policy2952 answered 11 months ago


Escanor1365 answered 11 months ago

Alcohol and chocolate.

lexi2222222222 answered 11 months ago

Perfume is a hit with women. Chocolates as well.
Ps try buying things that diabetes patients can eat too. You never know

lexi2222222222 answered 11 months ago

Buying winter coat too. Choices out of the country are more varied and cuter.

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