QuestionsGeneral-MiscWhat would be required to motivate those who have departed Mauritius to return?
Infinite_Milk9904 asked 11 months ago

A recent poll on "L'express" asked, "Why did you leave Mauritius?" With over 900 responses, I have a few questions for those who left: 1. Where do you currently reside? 2. What changes would Mauritius need to make for you to consider returning? 3. In what ways does Mauritius excel compared to your current country of residence? Feel free to respond in French, English, or Créole. Thanks! (Note: I'm not a journalist, just curious. Here's the link to the Facebook poll on L'express: [insert link])

[deleted] answered 11 months ago


billionairelass answered 11 months ago

If there is ever a new political regime(Law and Order) and that I feel Mauritius is now a stable and safe place to live I would move back in a jiffy.

I left in 2007 after college ,I never had a chance to experience how the working environment is but the few times I was out and about in the community and area I felt that there was no sense of accountability,responsibility nor ethics..for instance how you are treated in hospitals and at the police stations amongst others..No customer service and people in the service industry don’t know what it means unless n until it’s a missier blanc or fami minis.
Also seriously concerned about the planting and drug issues in the country.

I miss my friends,family, the beach and all the festivities but when I retrospect it’s tough to live in a place that values you based on who you are ,from which area you live , how much you earn, what certificates you have and lastly what religion/caste you’re from..

I believe life is more than that and here’s hoping one day we all will realise that only kindness n love is what matters the rest is irrelevant.

I now live on the other side of the world in Ireland and would likely only come back for holidays unless there is a miracle on the political scene.

Montbose answered 11 months ago

Mauritian girls are way too ugly & materialistic for my taste. That’s why I left.

ciphersaw answered 11 months ago

I live in Montreal. Honestly, 3 big things are 1. the salary of employees (ofc), 2. the opportunities and 3. freedom.

It is much easier to make savings abroad for the same amount of work I would do in Mauritius. My friends in Mauritius work very long hours and are not even paid overtime, with a base salary that does not allow for the lifestyle they want to live (e.g. travelling the world, investing, having a car, having their own house/apartment, etc.). Where I live, one can have the lifestyle they want and make savings, especially if they work in high-demand fields.

The better opportunities abroad encourage people to move out of Mauritius, and I don’t mean that in terms of money. There are boys and girls inspired to follow their dreams to become physicists, geneticists, chemical engineers, researchers, neurosurgeons, aeronautical engineers, food scientists etc. and they know they have the capability to do so but they are limited by the lack of such opportunities in Mauritius. They know they would have a much more lucrative career in their desired field in other countries.

My third point is a big one and it’s freedom, that Mauritius doesn’t really have. Freedom to be who you want to be (regardless of your sexuality, religion, gender identity), to date who you want to date, to stay out as late as you want and still feel safe. Freedom to have as many house parties and beers as you want, to go partying at night and come back home in an Uber at 3am, to not have to worry about what people will think, to not be judged when you live the lifestyle you want to. There is also the freedom to be alone and away from abusive people, to have a calm and peaceful lifestyle with only polite strangers around you, freedom to let everybody do their own thing and they let you do yours. Freedom to be free from expectations, societal pressure, political oppression and especially from your own beliefs that have been indoctrinated since you were born.

Edit: Can you send the link to the L’Express thing?

dodonest answered 11 months ago

1. Montréal, Canada
2. The same salary and respect I have in my job… and people being more polite and respectful in general. People are too nosy in mauritius.
3. There’s more stuff to do in mauritius in terms of nature for sure because the island is small. And the climate is way better in mauritius. Easy halaal & veg options available everywhere in mauritius.

[deleted] answered 11 months ago


Mauricien247 answered 11 months ago

For those who left:

1. Where do you live? Dont want to say

2. What would it take for you to come back?
I dont think it can happen,because of family commitments. Wife/kid wont get the same lifestyle as overseas.

How would Mauritius have to change?
More facilities/ toilets/ parks/ less traffic jams/ better roads/ security/
Less corruption means whole population can enjoy the pie.
In mauritius, copain/ copines gagne contrat vinne multi-millionaire vit vite. Moi travail toute la vie. Kifer mo bizin vinne pay tax maurice pu nourri zot vice.

3. What does Mauritius do better than the country you currently reside in?
Family/ friends/ neighbours

Available_Ad7899 answered 11 months ago

1. UK primarily but I tend to move quite a bit within the year.
2. I’m a mathematician soon to be working in academia or quant finance, Mauritius would need to provide me with job opportunities/offers in academia or consulting ( or just anything that I can find interesting to do) and pays at least 75% of what I make abroad. Also, I absolutely despise the education system in mauritius and I wouldn’t want to raise kids here.
3. Mauritius is much less stressful to live in. Healthcare seems more reliable in mauritius currently, lower taxes, smaller country generally means it is easier to meet up with friends. I’m not really finding much for what mauritius actively does better that matters to me, but it seems that the geographical advantages that naturally come with living in mauritius is what I like the most about mauritius. ( weather, travel time, beaches/resorts etc)
Edit: None of my close Mauritian friends are in Mauritius anymore, so that might be a problem too. It would be hard to have social life here without any close friends here.

Dila_Ila16 answered 11 months ago

Unfortunately I came back due to visa issues, but would have settled in the country I was in. Looking forward to leaving the country again to be honest.

1. Was in 1 of the DACH country.

2. What would have taken me to return to Mauritius?
TRUE Equality between men and women, not the made-belief equality we’ve been taught that exists here.

ACKNOWLEDGING that GOSSIPS, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & NARCISSIST behaviors are present in the society and DO CAUSE TRAUMA for certain individuals, especially kids.

MENTAL HEALTH even common ones such as DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, STRESS should be handled with care and NOT BY SAYING “STOP IT” or anything similar. Same goes for various ADHD, DID, PTSD, cPTSD, BFRB, ADD, neurodivergent behaviors, autism, etc…

Uniformity in dressing, behavior are just putting a mask and people should be able to live how they want to live (unless they’re criminals & all).

Not all elders should be respected or are deserving of respect, in the sense that, they passed on generational trauma.

It’s almost cult like, be it in terms of politics or whatsoever casteism which exists in the society. “You don’t know you’re in a cult unless you leave it and see it from the outside world”.

People are really anxious: for an individual we can see it as they tend to re-watch shows they already watched. Here, as a collective, they re-vote the same 2-3 party/people who were already head of the state. Also, they don’t address the real problems in society, and instead resort to their coping mechanism and avoid the task by digging dirt again and again and again…, of their adversaries. At least elect someone new guys!!

Is the government or the central bank really thinking of repaying those debts that we have as a country or..?

Environment is in a really bad state, same as the mental health of many.

3. The food, the beaches, checking out on each other and the landscape. That’s it.

Few-Eggplant1536 answered 11 months ago

Left because no develop in the south, I realised it’s who you know in Mauritius.
What would it take to come back?
True separation of powers , no transfer or power without regime change a fully liberal govt once that rewrites the constitution to close the wealth gap.
How would Mauritius have to change? Mauritius does not need to change but few of the people do need to.

What Mauritius does better than where I am.?
Well food and good laugh . Dipain gato pima! Nating beats that!

dick_nrake answered 11 months ago

As others mentioned, health care plays a big part.
Road safety too – I remember reading according to statistics that mru was very bad in terms of road accidents.
Stop making comparison with things such as being the first country or among the top in africa, we should compare with similar economies such as Portugal.
Another recent move backwards is the fact that we now need to pay at he post office for retrieval of goods purchased online. Ecommerce is changing he whole world and the post office decides to make it even more of a hassle? I most times I’m against privatization as it leads to profit mindedness but I wonder if it would be the best for the postal services.

Things that mru does better: not the institutions but the people, food and saying what we think. In Canada the food is relatively bland and to get tasty food we really need to pay. And people usually have a polite politically correct demeanor (sometimes too much). Immigrants from other countries seem to have confirmed this as well.

keredkill answered 11 months ago

Toronto canada
Equal chance

Im what we consider a creole and tell me frankly what the chance of me working in a high pay job in the government if i know ” nobody”.
By nobody you know who they are.


I though he was asking for where i was living in mauritius
Port louis

mauritiusgirll answered 11 months ago


2. Less corruption. Less “backing” to get jobs! Should be based on merits! More salary! La douane bizin aret fouille ban dimoune zis par laparence, treat all nationalities same! More recycling of items. I feel sad how all are mixed in MRU. Here we collect in each home recycling item to throw to specific places: pets bottle, metal cans, glass, carton & compost! What I love in 🇨🇭 is people do not mind buying/selling second hand items to give it a second life rather than throwing, MRU must consider this too. There are even food sharing groups (in case you have overcooked & don’t want to waste. All public transport can be tracked on one app, showing specific timetable so people dont wait hours on bustop like in some places in the island. More waste bins!! Online shopping to save people time for going out & most shops do delivery for free in Switzerland!

3. Mauritians friendliness cannot be compared to anything! RACISM is too much in Switzerland, it makes me miss how all multicultural we live together there. You don’t need to plan/appointment to meet your parents/relatives unlike Switzerland! School vans are available for long distances from home. Fast food available everywhere & late hours. Here NO STREET FOOD & food courts close at 6-7pm!! Last but the most important! FAMILY❤️ here other than bro/sis no one really know their “chacha, cousin, poupou so belfi etc” no one is into family so much mostly friends!

Islander316 answered 11 months ago

1. Toronto, Canada.
2. Mo bane parents bizin arrête montrer moi pli vilan tifis ki ena pou marier. Seriously, tout ca zoli tifis ena dans Maurice, pou bez dimoun pli vilan ki ena. Dieu nous protege.
3. Mine bouille, boulettes, bol renverser, briyani, gato zenzli, koucha, zolive cristalizer.
4. Mone dire boulettes? Mo re-dire.

Careless_Policy2952 answered 11 months ago

1. USA 2. Work ethics is bad 3. TRASH everywhere.

earthly_marsian answered 11 months ago

Wait, did any mention about those joining via the window yet? Boss employed his own SiL and overburdened others with her work and double work cause she couldn’t do anything properly.
And then they get promoted/raise behind your back.

Stunning_Event_2435 answered 11 months ago

1 – Brazil

2 – Had to come back unwillingly. But there are some things that should change for the better, such as more mental health awareness, support for minorities and probably invest in more tourism (which is something I’ve heard from Mauritians friends)

3 – The warm welcome Mauritians provide, you guys know how to make us feel welcomed and at home. Also, you know how to have fun! And, of course, the breathtaking, unique landscapes and the chill, magic vibe of the island.

lostmycroissant answered 11 months ago

Currently in Toronto Canada.

I am interested in conducting research, and there are more opportunities here than in Mauritius. Research jobs are also practically non existent back in Mauritius.

I dislike the mindset that many Mauritians seem to have regarding issues such as abortion, the LGBTQ+ community, etc. It’s quite conservative, and I’m not sure I would like to live in a society like that. However, I do think that there has been some gradual change, so I would have to see to that.

I miss Mauritius a lot, especially my family and friends. So I have a reason to go back every now and then 🙂

Baronarnaud1995 answered 11 months ago

in germany on an apprenticeship basis.

1* an actual living on a student salary here earning 25% of what i will be earning after i get my qualifications and yet im earning double of what my standard salary was in mauritius

2* stop with the ” backing”.its truely about who you know not what you know in mauritius

3* banning of the 6 day work week most people in the food/service industry have to live with.

JigMaJox answered 11 months ago

Uk as a software engineer

**a much higher salary.**
Mauritians are hugely underpaid for doing the same job by the same company…. its true the cost of living is much higher here in UK but even after rent and expenses i do end up with quite a bit left over. We also enjoy a much wider market of things to buy over here to. Back in mauritius it seems that even if you do have the money , it can get quite tricky to actually find a place that sells what you need without having to import it and thats an even bigger hassle dealing with customs.


**A fair working environment and culture based on merit…**
where people get ahead based on their abilites , not by nepotism or “backing” or by being the right religion

I have a friend who worked at Accenture who was bullied into doing his manager’s thesis for his MSc…. he either did it or forget any chances of getting holidays approved or promotions…

The work culture is terrible, i know of managers who play around with the staff working hours to make sure he ends up alone with the new female graduate in the evening so the can flirt with her…

My uncle recommended someone in his team for a promotion only to be approached outside of the mosque by several guys to tell him he is a traitor for giving the promotion to a hindu instead of a fellow muslim brother…

i’ve heard so much of these stories in the last 10 years , not from a friend of a friend but from people i actually know personally.


**Mauritius does have a much better social and family life compared to the UK**

i find myself just going to the office and back home again day after day. I dont really see as many relatives and family like I used to back in Mauritius despite having several living here in london. for example in the weekends , it seems like everyone is always busy doing something or getting some down time after the hectic week.

[deleted] answered 11 months ago


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