QuestionsGeneral-MiscWhen do Markets close we would like to visit some local places in the evening
[deleted] asked 12 months ago

I am scheduled to arrive at noon after my flight, and I plan to take some rest until the evening. However, I was informed by my agent that the markets here close at 4 pm. Can you confirm this information? I am also wondering if there are any local establishments open in the evening, especially after sunset.

Mountain_dodo answered 12 months ago

You won’t find markets open late as public transport is almost non existent in the evening.
Not sure what you mean by local places.

okthatisenough123 answered 12 months ago

The shops and places begin to wind up by 4/5pm😶‍🌫️. You can only try the beaches perhaps

ElectricGriffin answered 12 months ago

Almost all places will be closed, yes. Locals usually stay at home this time.
Some petrol stations and shopping malls (e.g. La Croisette and Tribeca) are open in evenings.

The same situation is at Sundays starting from 15:00

Escanor1365 answered 12 months ago

You will have the markets opened up at 4am. So early shopping instead or late night😉

Star_Vulture_9017 answered 12 months ago

And on Thursdays most places close around noon-1pm

omnergy answered 12 months ago

So there is no night market scene at all?

TheChemist_from_Mars answered 12 months ago

No mauritius unfortunately is not Thailand with their wonderful nightlife and nightmarkets 🤩.
There is no such thing here.

vishal10121981 answered 12 months ago

Hi contact

It’s safe

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