QuestionsGeneral-MiscWhy do few Mauritians want to move to America compared to uk or Canada ?
star-wars_memer asked 7 months ago

Most of my friends and relatives said that they are afraid of getting shot in the us, they think they will get shot the moment they set foot in the us

saajidv answered 7 months ago

Private healthcare is a dealbreaker for many, and rightly so.

Bobozett answered 7 months ago

Distance is a deal breaker for me. Europe is only 11 hours away. Take a night flight, sleep for most of it and wake up in Europe or Mauritius. This doesn’t make it seem to be so far away compared to the US.

Then you have the cultural aspect to consider. I personally find France to be country where I feel most at home after Mauritius. I find there is more of a cultural overlap with the French than with the US.

_DEATH_STR0KE_ answered 7 months ago

1. proper Healthcare
2. proper Education
3. Security(gun laws etc…)

That’s the most basic things the US lacks.
The US doesn’t even form part in the list of countries i want to VISIT for even a few days.

alexandrepigeot answered 7 months ago

Countries with the Highest Total Gun Deaths (all causes) in 2019
Brazil — 49,436
United States — 37,038
Venezuela — 28,515
Mexico — 22,116
India — 14,710
Colombia — 13,169
Philippines — 9,267
Guatemala — 5,980

Illustrious_Date8697 answered 7 months ago

To be honest, this is abit of a cop out. Mauritians are a little insular and move to places that feel familiar. As an example, where do Mauritians go to when they go to Canada? They all congregate in Montreal and I wonder why

Downdra answered 7 months ago

Idk but it’d be safer in Ireland

Omasrealaccount answered 7 months ago

Why would anyone want to move to the US, knowing how much of a fucked up country it is?

Saifali007 answered 7 months ago

Some may find it hard to fit in here

torsama answered 7 months ago

Guns and healthcare

Alternative-Carpet52 answered 7 months ago

As a Mauritian living in the US, I feel it’s very overrated. I chose the US because I am in STEM. The education system is very overrated but there is a lot of job prospects in scientific fields compared to other countries. Security is definitely an issue over here over the whole country but chances you will get shot is quite low, it also depends where you go. In big cities crime rates are higher and you should always be aware of the neighborhood you are in. Homelessness and drug problems are so rampant. In the near future I would like to probably move to Canada or Europe mostly for security reasons. If you have a good health plan, healthcare is okay but it is expensive!

scun1995 answered 7 months ago

People saying guns and healthcare is comical. Those are real problems in the US but that is absolutely not the answer to your question. The real answer is ease of access.

If it were as easy to move to the US from Mauritius as it is to move to Australia, Canada or the UK, Mauritians would do it in flocks. You basically have no chance of moving there wiht your entire family. The only way is to go there for college, which again, is significantly more competitive than the other three countries, because you need a scholarship since college in the US is insanely expensive for international students. You need top notch grades, and a great SAT score which is a huge barrier for most. (If can pay $50-60k+ a year then it’s easier to get in)

Then free you graduate you need to get a job, and then hope you get lucky to get the H1B visa within 3 years. If you dont, then you’re out of luck and have to leave the country. If you do then you can probably establish your life there, but wont be able to bring your family until another decade or so if at all based on visa regulations.

So yeah, that’s the answer. People don’t move there because it’s borderline impossible unless you worked really hard in school and got a a bit of luck. If it were easier, people would flock there regardless of heathcare and guns

Complete-Way-2348 answered 7 months ago

Sry if i offend anyone but the US is a very racist country, especially towards immigrants. That being, theres also the problem of mass shootings. You will be better off in an european country/australia or even in the southeast asian region.

Katen1023 answered 7 months ago

Because their healthcare is shit, the education system is shit and their non-existent gun laws are scary.
There’s a shooting every other day over there, plus the whole Republican Vs Democrat thing over there is crazy. I would love to visit but I wouldn’t like to work there.

No_Subject_6348 answered 7 months ago

Honestly my internet feed is massively influenced by the culture in the US and it is not a good place to settle in for many reasons but mainly that the average american lacks basic information of the outside world and so they live and act in ignorance.

Dila_Ila16 answered 7 months ago

Dude, you don’t want to go broke paying 1yr+ salary on health services, do you? Or when buying medicines.

Plus, the racism and (covert) segregation based on ethnicity.

Also, gun violence.

Childbirth is worth a fortune along with anything children related.

Other good reasons to move to European countries and maybe Canada or even South America, Africa and Australia.

mangalkhan answered 7 months ago

Reason 1: The immigration policy

The Canadian immigration system is generally considered to be more welcoming to newcomers than the US system. It favors workers who will contribute to the economy, and many of them fill jobs that Canadians are unwilling to do. Canada and New Zealand have previously openly advertised for migrants.

Reason 2: Historical ties and word of mouth

Mauritius has a long history with the UK, and many immigrated there after independence. These immigrants have shared stories of the better living conditions in the UK, which has made it a popular immigration destination for Mauritians.

Future-Invite-5143 answered 7 months ago

The UK has gone to shit. I’d go to Europe..

doGscent answered 7 months ago

move to the US and then what? Get shot for our skin colour?

kpflowers answered 7 months ago

Immigrating to the US is literally a lottery. A lottery that requires thousands and thousands of dollars where they can say, “Actually, no, you can’t be here,” at any time in the process.

thepresident27 answered 7 months ago

I chose to move to the US at the time (2016) because there were no opportunities to live in the country post graduation in the UK.
I didn’t consider Canada at the time because I was unaware of the good schools there.
I would say the potential income in the US makes me comfortable living here.
However my environment here always praises Europe for it’s more balanced lifestyle and is always complaining about the lack of work life balance

NegotiationRare6516 answered 7 months ago

stricter immigration laws, education is much more costly & college applications are really complex ( = less Mauritian students = less immigration) , less word of mouth about the US (since even tourist visas are comparatively hard to obtain). also farther away compared to the UK. Then there’s bad media coverage & costly healthcare.

DigitalHoarder90 answered 7 months ago

I lived and studied in the US for 8 years. Immigration there is much harder compared to other countries. And also it’s extremely far

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