QuestionsMoney-ShoppingAnybody ever bought online refurbished phones?
Current-Horse-1360 asked 1 month ago

I am planning to order a phone online.. anybody ever bought one or any advice?

TechNick1-1 answered 1 month ago

From where?

The Problem with “refurbished” (not limited to Phones!) is that very often its worthless because you don´t know who had done what exactly!

“Refurbished” by the Dealer/Seller?

“Refurbished” by the Manufacturer?

“Refurbished” = only “deep” cleaned and checked?

“Refurbished” = Repaired and/or Parts replaced like a new Screen?

Did they use a Original Screen or at least a High Quality one etc.

DapperCartographer66 answered 1 month ago

I bought a phone off ebay a few years ago, shipped via DHL, received within 1 week. The phone was defective, no network. After a few messages back and forth with the seller, he agreed to send a new unit and I send back the defective phone. I did receive the new phone in perfect working condition but could not ship back the defective one. Seller did not get back to me about the latter so I ended up fixing it and gave it to the wife lol.

So just be prepared 🙂

Impossible_Kiwi_9383 answered 1 month ago

Hi, where do you guys buy refurbished phones? Im looking for a good refurbished Samsung A52.

Impossible_Kiwi_9383 answered 1 month ago

I just checked back market, does it ship here? Did you ever have any issues with the phones?

Hub_3rt_1309 answered 1 month ago

I’d rather buy refurbished from trusted local dealers just to get an easier way to get things fixed fast under warranty

Retribuzione answered 1 month ago

I always buy used or refurbished phones/macbook, will never buy a new one again. I buy off auction on ebay or from amazon refurbished never had any issues. Some people will say buy a new because used/refurb are bad, ok why dont you buy a new car instead of a used/recon smartass 🤣

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