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Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Currently in Grand Baie and need some mosquito repellent I’ve found a Fantastic Big supermarket Super C which have a few but not sure if they are any Good .
Recommendations please ?
Thanks everyone 😊

Rajesh Jugnarain answered 5 months ago

Try to see in any pharmacy at Grand baie.

Far Deen answered 5 months ago

Inside the mall there is a pharmacy which you can get it their

Tina Gooranah answered 5 months ago

Odomos mosquito cream us very good, and it’s not sticky or foul smelling. Normally available in pharmacy’s and supermarkets. Failing that, Peaceful sleep spray.

Julian Appadu answered 5 months ago

Mustidose from pharmacy around Rs 480 for 100ml best I found so far.

Bibi Shabneez Soobratty answered 5 months ago

I have very good incense stick rs30 per packet (10 sticks)
100% organic and safe for health
Suitable for indoor and outdoor

Gaby Devyll answered 5 months ago

I will just have a few shots of local rum before bed. This keep them well away from me.

Lynne Lynne Sookdawar answered 5 months ago

You can buy some citronella at the chemist. Small bottle and mix with water in spray (like widow cleaner bottle) works well

Nooreen Bhugalee answered 5 months ago

Peaceful Sleep is the best one by far!!

Phyllis Eliza answered 5 months ago

Hi Frances, as you’re in Grand Baie, visit the supermarket ‘ Super U’ also the pharmacy within the shopping centre, as you enter.
Lots of products available there to choose .
However , I tend to buy with a Citronella oil base to apply to your skin, which is natural & safe & it works!
With regards to ‘Coils’ which you burn & plug in adapters with ‘Mats’ both affective & usually last up to 12 hours, so you can have a peaceful sleep!
These are available in all supermarkets.
Enjoy you holiday in Beautiful Mauritius.🏝❤️

Preyvin Sookun answered 5 months ago

Super u

Ashvin Jeebun answered 5 months ago

Use this. Cheaper around rs 60.
They dont sell it every where.
I bought it at lolo super market phoenix
Use map to search

Kurs Tyna answered 5 months ago

Odomos for kids are advisable else any other is as good as the other! I tried most of them😉

Virg Fergal answered 5 months ago


Akshay Mutty answered 5 months ago

Try spray available in pharmacies or citronella incense sticks

Georges Leung answered 5 months ago

🦟 🦟 😋

Maureen Eastwood answered 5 months ago

Peaceful sleep. Fabulous

Carmen Jane De Jong answered 5 months ago

Peaceful sleep works well 😊

Eric De Fontenay answered 5 months ago

“Super C”… 🙂 That was most probably a near miss. Super U. 🙂 (as in YOU – even though the thing is packed full of prducts, it’s so huge that i never feel like a “me” there). On the other hand, where i usually go to for a QUICK shopping – Winners Pereybere – human size, they – from the security guys to the cahiers – ALL recognize me and look like they are happy to see me again.

Alison Kendall answered 5 months ago


Seenauth Veeraj answered 5 months ago

The ones at super u are usually good..

RajVir Adith answered 5 months ago

Any pharmacy or supermarket

Mark Maxx answered 5 months ago

You can find DOOM at Super U. Very effective

Preyvin Sookun answered 5 months ago

Do Air Mauritius check hand luggage.
Are they strict.
Waiting 4 taxi

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