QuestionsMoney-ShoppingHow much local currency will we need for two weeks?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago

We are going to Mauritius for the first time all inclusive, how much local currency will we need for two weeks?

Vitus Hoffmann answered 4 months ago

depends how many excursion you want to do. for tipps etc. i would get 10k rupees. you can always get more at atm.

Danny La Matona answered 4 months ago

1 – 2k gbp. If a family of 4. Most likely return home with 500 – 1k gbp.
I seem to spend £1500 on half board, for 2 weeks.

Cheryl Gourlay answered 4 months ago

I would suggest around £300 -I would also recommend getting a chase card (or equivalent) so no fees when using card/atm

Tim Purcell answered 4 months ago

Use the ATMs

Natalie Williams answered 4 months ago

We did 2 weeks all inclusive at the beginning of December, there were 5 of us and we exchanged £600 each English money into Mauritian rupees, we did 2 boat trips, 2 of us did the big zip line and all of us did the 4 x 4 trip round the seven coloured earth park, we also hired a car for 3 days so that and 3 days worth of petrol and eating out dinner and tea. We came home with about £250 English pounds and we did everything we wanted too!

Claude Chane Mui answered 4 months ago

Hi, It all depends on what you want to do… 1 week 1/2 I’m at 600€ without excursions because I’ve already done it in the past. Just running, shopping, taxi, bus…

Vee Schat answered 4 months ago


Sanet Byrne answered 4 months ago

Go to an ATM in Mauritius. Draw when you need. Dont need to exchange money at all beforehand.

Erin Haines answered 4 months ago

We were all inclusive (2 Adults) for just a week and we spent about £800. We did lots of boat trips & also hired a car so we could do our own day trips – Botanical Gardens, Chamarel etc. We ate out a couple of times too! It depends if you will be exploring the island or just happy to spend 2 weeks relaxing at your resort!

Dee Bella answered 4 months ago

Two weeks £2000

Issoop Bankur answered 4 months ago

Welcome to my paradise island of Mauritius to enjoy your holidays. Don’t forget to take a trip to Ile aux Cerfs or Gunners Coin for sea sensation after reservation. Dream Mauritius.

Joachim Brandqvist answered 4 months ago

Use your card

Paul Allen answered 4 months ago

Thanks for all your advice,but now I am confused as the amounts vary from £300 to £2000, are the boat trips and excursions expensive?

Yvan Florens answered 4 months ago

All depends on what you want to do

Varsha Ravi Roopun answered 4 months ago

Depending on how u want to spend

Varsha Ravi Roopun answered 4 months ago

@ catamaran ile aux gabriel around Rs2500
Shopping market port louis,la rue la corderie,market curepipe shirt around Rs50
Eating in local resto 2 person per day Rs2000
Pastries depend from cheap to expensive one
Outing that depend on private car or bus,tour operator
But one thing for sure spend to watch the beauty of our paradise island 🥰🥰

Sven Dassel answered 4 months ago

I will be visiting in March for the 3rd time and only ever take half board. If you plan to do some trips/be away from the resort it is not worth it to have AI.

Doug Horrigan answered 4 months ago

If eating out make sure you read the menu all the way through – some places, such as the one with photos of film stars on the seats at Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis add 15% VAT onto the bill but this is only stated on the very last page of the menu. That’s sneaky in my book.

Andreas Schulz answered 4 months ago

Dépends on what you plan to do I suppose

Patrick Louise answered 4 months ago

Depends if your going to trips or just at hotel

Irene Fiedler answered 4 months ago

Do you hire a car?Public buses are cheap, for excursions and taxis you can spend a lot!

Sera Hankin answered 4 months ago

Have to be honest I’m really none the wiser how much to take 🤷🏼‍♀️

Reaz Lallmahamood answered 4 months ago

You won’t need that much. 1st thing is. Don’t book your excusions at your hotel, they rip you off really bad. Just google and book local ones.

£10-£15 gets you a good lunch or dinner. Drinks are about £3-5 each.

Your only other big expense will be if you hire a car and the amount of shopping you want to do.

Don’t use your card, the exchange rate and fees is a waste of money. I’d budget £200 a week max and keep £200 in your currency to change if you need to. Jsut exchange it locally as you go. That’s what I do.

Hazel Dodge answered 4 months ago

I used £50 for tips, any denomination welcome ….. Card payment availability for trips.

Gertrude Allet Perrine answered 4 months ago

1/2 board is the best or full board if you prefer to enjoy the hotel

Kate 'Pinky' Prosser answered 4 months ago

I did AI for 2 weeks. I changed £1000 at the airport (I think that equated to around 56000mur) I used my credit card a lot for extras and will probably end up exchanging quite a bit of it back at the airport

Kevin Ramasamy answered 4 months ago

300 rupees should cover it

Bookings Grand Baie answered 4 months ago

Depends on how many persons are you or what are your plans
If you would like to hire a taxi to visit places, excursions,daily trips ,let make an average at Rs 2000/day
Now restaurants should be at an average of Rs 2000-5000/eat or Rs 350
Considering your stay,the hotel charges etc
If you are hiring a car it will be approx Rs 1000/day
However you can withdraw your cash anywhere in Mauritius,there is lots of atm

Jeffrey Kleinsmith answered 4 months ago


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