QuestionsTourism-AdviceCan I take sand from Mauritius on a plane?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Can I take sand from Mauritius on a plane? Small bottle 0.5l

Désirée M. Rudolf Benoit answered 4 months ago

Why not

Sash Jeetun answered 4 months ago

A stupid idea, depends on country you live in. As it can carry biological life. For example you will be fined heavily in Australia if caught. And rightly so because you might carry some germs or insects in that sand.

Neil Wilson answered 4 months ago

As a by the way.
I know everyone does it. But it’s not allowed to take sand/shell’s/rocks etc away from the beach.

Kiran Bissessur answered 4 months ago

Local law prohibits it. Make you own decision

Cram Diane answered 4 months ago

Many thanks to respect our resources, anyway Taking sand, shells, or coral from beaches can lead to fines or other legal consequences….even Prison

Samantha Norton answered 4 months ago

I took some sand and was fine 🥲 it was a tiny bottle for honeymoon sand that’s sealed and won’t be opened. I’m sure if it’s in your suitcase, it’ll be fine

DaViD JoNeS answered 4 months ago

Wet your beach shoes walk in the sand Them bag them. No one will say anything 🙂

Cram Diane answered 4 months ago

It’s crucial for visitors to cherish and safeguard our natural resources and environment. By doing so, you not only contribute to preserving the beauty and health of our region for future visitors but also play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance. Every small action, from minimizing waste to respecting wildlife, helps in making a big difference. Together, let’s ensure that this wonderful place can be enjoyed by generations to come…

Olivia Convard answered 4 months ago

You can but you may not.

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