QuestionsTourism-AdviceWhat’s the weather like in February?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago

Has anyone been to Mauritius in February? If so pls could you advise on what the weather was like? Thank you

Philip Michael Ingman answered 4 months ago

Hot, sticky and chance of cyclones.

Calima Bibi Harkonen answered 4 months ago

Very hot..🌀 🌀 cyclones period..not recommended sorry 😞

Fc Hobelux answered 4 months ago

Sometimes rain…Sometimes sun.

Miranda Sutton answered 4 months ago

We went last February, our flight was delayed by a day because of a cyclone but once we arrived the weather was lovely! A few showers while we were there but nothing that bothered us, and it’s warm rain. Most of the time the weather was great and it’s a very beautiful island.

Shim Priestley answered 4 months ago

We went in February it was very hot also had a cyclone !! Beautiful place though

Dominique Rawstorne Ogilvie answered 4 months ago

Between December and April it’s hotter than “hell” 🔥🥵 Not pleasant at all.

Patrick Louise answered 4 months ago

Not been great last couple of years

John Lewis answered 4 months ago

Last year rained nearly everyday very high humidity then 2 day lock down because of a cyclone return flight 2 days delay. It was great!!

Fareed Mohamedhosen answered 4 months ago

Not advisable please 🙏 Mauritius on fire 🔥

Toria Summers answered 4 months ago

I’ve been in mid January – weather was fine but I THINK cyclone season-I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

Fatima Dockrat answered 4 months ago

Oops im also coming in feb 😭 😭😭

Chris Honn answered 4 months ago

Rainy season and cyclone season

Karen Baker answered 4 months ago

We went end of Feb into March this year. They had a cyclone before we arrived but we were there 2 weeks with beautiful sunshine. It rained most nights for about an hour, usually around 6pm but we were getting ready normally then so in the room. Staff worked flat out to dry everything afterwards in our hotel. Would deffo go back around the same time. We usually head to Maldives same time of year which is their summer but didn’t cause any issue for us, just lucky I guess.

Hossein Banharally answered 4 months ago

As an islander, the warm and humid conditions in February can lead to cyclones. Fortunately, luck may spare you from such occurrences. Wishing you happy holidays!

Dianne Sutherland Bensch answered 4 months ago

Went this year and we had good weather, quick shower and sun back, really enjoyable

Kamla Orgoo answered 4 months ago

Hot, cyclone and torrential rains 🌧

Mandy Noel answered 4 months ago

Sooooooo hot and humid

Daksha Moodley answered 4 months ago

Feb 2021 – 2 cyclones, Feb 2022 – 1 cyclone!

Neesha Singh answered 4 months ago

I visited this feb was caught in mauritius with a cyclone freddy its was bad we went on lockdown for 2 days stayed indoors at the hotel no staff could come clean the rooms nor was there freely prepared foods . Pur flights were delayed on return. Choose another monthe Jan and Feb very common with cyclones on tropical islands

Jesse Penton answered 4 months ago

Went there at the end of Jan, start of Feb. It rained almost all the time we were there. I believe a cyclone was the culprit at the time.

Marie Lourdes Laurent Walker answered 4 months ago


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