QuestionsTourism-AdviceGive me 5 reasons to visit Port Louis
Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Hello. Give me 5 reasons to visit Port Louis 😎 We are staying at C Mauritius and have planned a Southwest tour

Riezve Soniassy answered 5 months ago

Wasting time is an excellent reason.

DeLui VientmonSalut answered 5 months ago

Visit the museum of Port Louis, the French citadelle, walk round the line barracks, vidt la place d’armes…. Jardine de la compagnie…..

Long Beach Mauritius Taxi Service answered 5 months ago

Please refer to our page for a to-do list.

Andrew Phyn answered 5 months ago

1) so you can say you’ve visited the capital
2) experience the hassle and bustle of the markets
3) visit the slave museum
4) check out the Caudon water front. Great place to eat
5) visit Fort Adilade (Citadel)

Christa Vanhecke answered 5 months ago

Because it is a part of the real life In Mauritius. Not everything are beaches and palmtrees.

Paola Spiga answered 5 months ago

I also loved the street art in the Chinese quarter

Patrick Louise answered 5 months ago

We think worth a visit see the umbrellas at caudan leave a padlock get a water taxi to le Suffren hotel maybe the market the museums all depends what you like to do I guess

Beelontally Oozeirl answered 5 months ago

Dhull puri
Gateau piment
Thats the 3 best reason

Rooma Dabeedial answered 5 months ago

For the authentic food tour
Caudan waterfront
Citadel french base
The market (vegetables, food, spices)
Lots of shops for souvenirs
Bustling city full of french structures (places d’armes, Les casernes line barracks, monuments and most importantly Marie reine de la paix ..

Precious Ruby answered 5 months ago

For more ideas chck their page Mauritius vip Tours & transfers

Mala Boyjonauth answered 5 months ago

Just when people are curious to visit Paris

Sha Sha answered 5 months ago

Because mainly it is the capital of Mauritius.
Visit the central Market

Port Louis is One the best place for shopping at low cost .

Varieties of food.

Visit the museum and also the municipality of Port Louis.

Caudan water front

The urban terminal.

You will enjoy the capital of Mauritius while walking along the streets .🥰

Mauritius vip Tours & transfers answered 5 months ago

Jesper Dalsgaard too many things to see around port louis chevk our city tour Mauritius vip Tours & transfers

The market is different with plenty of amazing fruits ,Vegetables with a very special cool drinks called Alouda. The shopping is great there too. Le Caudan Waterfront is beautiful and Odysseo, a lovely aquarium to visit.

Irovini Muni answered 5 months ago

If as a Tourist you think you need reasons to go out from your resorts and visit the capital which is Port Louis then better you stay indoor and enjoy your stay

Tony Saincic answered 5 months ago

Fresh fruit market, waterfront, many outdoor restaurants

RajVir Adith answered 5 months ago

Historic buildings, central market, Caudan waterfront, Odysseo aquarium, museum, China Town, local street food and many many more

Simon Wong answered 5 months ago

It’s worth a visit. I spent a day there.

Bakker Harry answered 5 months ago

The market
Pick pokkers
The smel
The some nice people
Get lost there

Saleem Housee answered 5 months ago

Market’s galore, Street foods, History Museum ,
Handicrafts, Trendy Coffee ☕ shops,

Mohd Talal answered 5 months ago

Reminds me of exam questions…

Saleem Housee answered 5 months ago

Quality T- shirts 👕 herbs and spices,New Tram’s

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