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Anonymous asked 4 months ago

Hello. I’m trying to work out if we are being unreasonable. This our first time to Mauritius and also the Indian Ocean. We have done lots of trips around Europe, Americaand the Carribean. To start off on a positive, we LOVE the Mauritian people. They are very friendly and we feel very safe here. We are staying in a 4 star hotel. However… the food and service has in our opinion been poor. When I say poor service, I mean not even being given any water at tables. No drinks for 50% of the time or so slow that we end up leaving the restaurant/buffet to go to the bar to get drinks and then come back. No too ups either. Is this normal?! Also the good. It seems the same all the time! Pizza or pasta. Lots of charities of curry, normally one piece of fish on offer, chicken on bone and a beef. Always sautéed vegetables and rice. It normally has some cheeses which are sweaty and it does have some lovely bread. Never any chips/French fries etc for kids. Often there is also premixed salads. Again, is this normal? When we write it sounds like a lot but in reality we often struggle to find anything that doesn’t have a sauce or end up waiting long periods for food to be replenished as everyone else also wants the same. Again is this normal? Even our rooms do not seem to be getting cleaned properly. As I said, we love the Mauritian people, the sea is beautiful, the hotel is asteticslly very pleasing, but the food itself is putting us off coming again. Have we just chosen the wrong hotel? Many thanks for your thoughts.

Zoe Thomas answered 4 months ago

To be honest I had an issue with food as I have allergies. I simply booked an appointment with the hotel manager who then went above and beyond. Do try to talk with them this can often be remedied other than that talk to your holiday company, good luck

Barbara Ber answered 4 months ago

Yes, it’s normal in Mauritius that service is slow and not very attentive. Better get into the same mood and relax 😉

Sarah Lake answered 4 months ago

You’ve chosen the wrong hotel, there’s many 4* that have super food.
Beachcomber, attitude hotels etc.. If you want fries, you must ask, and maybe speak to the management and they will try and rectify it, to offer something more to your palate or needs.

Olivier Botti answered 4 months ago

Quel hôtel

Mandi Edgell answered 4 months ago

Our hotel is exactly the same

Sa Rah answered 4 months ago

Talk to the manager in charge – they will rectify the issues

Allain Castagnette answered 4 months ago

Looking at your comments you should have rented a nice apartment , buy all your drinks and food .Buy things that you want to eat or cook it yourself .

Merle Marillier answered 4 months ago

Perhaps just the hotel itself and probably the time of year as well. Perhaps they need more staff on board for the busy season however they should know these things already.
I have always had great service in Mauritius

Meesh Ah answered 4 months ago

It depends on the hotel. I have stayed only at Beachcomber hotels and the food and the service were great.

Razia Peerally answered 4 months ago

You have choose the wrong hotels

Janet Genevieve answered 4 months ago

In regard to water at the table , I am always stunned when this is not automatically served . We live in Australia and as soon as you take a seat at a table chilled water and glasses appear , replenished regularly …. at no cost ! This is not the Mauritian way .
My husband is Mauritian and we are regular visitors .
I just now accept that it is not in the culture to serve water .

James Birkenfield answered 4 months ago

That’s not normal, I’ve been 6 x and never had that. The food can become slightly repetitive but I’ve learnt to eat 1 things per night, so a pasta, then fish, then chicken etc. Not taking small bits of everything, that’s when it’s repetitive. As for room services speak to the manager, they will fix it. What hotel are you in?

Macy Kariuki answered 4 months ago

Wrong hotel

Shantie Devika answered 4 months ago

You had the wrong hotel. I’ve been to 3 hotel while my stay in MRU. All spread over the country.

The first 2 hotels/resorts were like paradise and the third was near Flaq and exactly as you described.

Hazel Dodge answered 4 months ago

I have to say that it depends on the hotel. If you wanted chips for the children you should have gone to America or England. It really bugs me when people travel abroad and then expect exactly the same food as they eat at home. If you’re not happy with your experience, speak to hotel management, or do your research before you go away!

Marieline Desvaux answered 4 months ago

You have chosen the wrong hotel 5 or 6 dtars r better

Susan Hales answered 4 months ago

I can guess you chose one of the all inclusive family hotels? They say 4* but those hotels remind me of a fast food chain… they never feel 4* to me, rather an over whelmed 3*. Sorry for your experience but glad there are lots of positives. ✨

Farzeenah Rajabaully answered 4 months ago

You have choose a wrong hotel and maybe you have book in half board its different need to look for it well

Anne Stanfield answered 4 months ago

I was at a 4 star adults only hotel in November and our hotel was exactly how you described it,the food,not much choice,bland and repetitive, the service, hardly ever got offered drinks with our meals, especially at breakfast, definitely more a 3 star hotel

Mandy Noel answered 4 months ago

Complain to the hotel then

Nila Suchdev answered 4 months ago

We stayed at Beechcomber and can’t complain about food or drinks

Jan-Ian Low answered 4 months ago

When we go we always do self catering apartments so you can shop locally for all your needs we always stay in the north and have never had a problem also great restaurants within walking distance been to Mauritius 7 times it’s heaven on earth 🌎

Pramod Kumar Shamjhu answered 4 months ago

May be you have chosen the wrong hotel or your tour operator’s mistakes….. not guided you well….

Vishal D Woodun answered 4 months ago

Wrong hotel

Danny La Matona answered 4 months ago

You’re definitely in the wrong hotel.

Rajack Gukhool answered 4 months ago

Name the hotel….

Fa Ra answered 4 months ago

It can be that some hotel are pathetics sometime regarding either service or foods or drinks. You as a client you should offer feedbacks to the customer service centre and believe me there’s a lot of good work they put on after. I have been to one recently the coctails was undrinkable i tried several but not to my expectation my friends kept nagging me am exagerating. But next shift workers did awesome work.

Estelle Engelbrecht answered 4 months ago

Bring it under the attention of management immediately. Things should then improve remarkably.

Christine Mandl answered 4 months ago

In which hotel have you been?

Kati von Ameln answered 4 months ago

We waited at a 5* hotel also very long for water and other drinks. People at 2 other tables came after us but were served before us. The waiters are often not so fast here and also inattentive.

Beverley Goulding answered 4 months ago

I agree with all the above and we are at different hotel , luckily the beach has saved it x

Jan Foster answered 4 months ago

Communication is key. No point of complaining on this platform if you haven’t discussed your preferences with the chef. Attitude hotels are famous for ensuring guests are happy. At Tropical Attitude Hotel a 3 star with 5 star service, the chef does a daily round talking to guests individually and will tailor the food to your liking. A conversation is all it takes. 😋

Angela Fisher answered 4 months ago

What hotel is this please?

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