QuestionsTourism-AdviceWhat to see in Port Louis?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago

Hello, what to see in Port Louis? Where to eat? Thanks…

Liane Regnard answered 4 months ago

It really depends on what you like…

Plenty of restaurants at the waterfront, as well as a market, casino and the theatre.

Beautiful architecture of old meets new.

There is the Love Paflocks and Umbrella lane too.

Lilloo Keshav answered 4 months ago

Citadelle fort,caudan waterfront,local market

Prem Chetan Gopall answered 4 months ago

Caudan Waterfront, the market, Government House, Champ de Mars

Narden Narainen answered 4 months ago

Horse racing at the champs de mars citadel le caudan waterfront the market temples churches mosques among others

Mark N Sherl Theisinger answered 4 months ago

Lots… make sure you walk it!

Robert ZH answered 4 months ago

Mange un dalle pourri.. Et boire un alouda bazar

Thaven Moonesawmy answered 4 months ago

The central market the museum caudan waterfront
The local street market

Precious Ruby answered 4 months ago

For more ideas what to see
Chck their page Mauritius vip Tours & transfers

Mauritius vip Tours & transfers answered 4 months ago

Sarra Ben Mayassa we have a city tour Mauritius vip Tours & transfers

Naf Sai answered 4 months ago

Sarra Ben Mayassa do try our street food dhall puri and alouda see you soon ❤️❤️❤️🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺

Claude Yuan answered 4 months ago

Higher taste veg snack,near municipality

Hoolash Ziyaad answered 4 months ago

Salaam. Eat briani star deg

Steven Bell answered 4 months ago

Wapalapam City Oasis near the market 👍🏻

Anne Lise answered 4 months ago

Don’t miss A’nwalé’s
Port-Louis streetfood & cultural walk !

Grant Cooper answered 4 months ago

Frutti Swirl for a refreshing juice or smoothie, or delicious frozen yogurt swirled with real fruit! You’ll find us in Le Caudan Waterfront food court 😊

Gaby Devyll answered 4 months ago

Dall Puri bazaar and a nice Alouda🔥

Virgil Reds answered 4 months ago

I guess it’s raining heavily today

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