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Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Hey! Tried out Flic en Flac beach today. Tomorrow id like to try another beach - maybe hop on a bus and go not too far. Any recommendations? (I’m staying at Flic en Flac right now.)

Also - am i missing out if I don’t visit Grand Baie?

Kunal Pertaub answered 4 months ago

Not really

Shaz answered 4 months ago

You’re missing out big time if you’re not visiting the beaches up north. For me, and for many others, Pereybere is the best beach so far. Mont Choisy being just the next in line. At pereybere, they keep cleaning the lagoon so you don’t have sea weeds/algae/corals under your feet while enjoying a swim. I’ve noticed that a lot of people living in the midlands will fancy Flic En Flac just because it’s closest to them and they’re used to it. Flic en flac just cannot be compared with Pereybere at all! Visit Pereybere and see for yourself what I mean!

Pink's Sweets answered 4 months ago

U can go for tamarin beach Lr morne beach as well which is very nice

Shakinah Ruhomauly answered 4 months ago

Trou aux Biches towards front of the Hotel but quite a ll get to see the country as well!

Soorekha Anunda answered 4 months ago

By bus you can go tamarin beach
Le morne beach
La prairie beach
Bel ombre beach

Bilal Cin answered 4 months ago

Loved Le morne Beach the most of all the ones we visited and did not really find grand bay to be any special – personal view 🙂

Prem Chetan Gopall answered 4 months ago

Take the Baie Du Cap Bus at Cascavelle Mall then go to La Prairie beach, Le Morne and Riambel beach.

Rajen Ramah answered 4 months ago

From Flic en Flac to PLouis,then catch the 215 Express bus to Grand Baie or for a more scenic experience,catch express bus 82 from PLouis to Cap Malheureux,on your way back stop Grand Baie,then express to PLouis,then Flic en Flac….try to get back before 4 pm ,to avoid the crowd…have a safe and pleasant stay!!!

Fa Ra answered 4 months ago

How could you not visit grand baie???

Gertrude Allet Perrine answered 4 months ago

Grand baie is a must and very easy to go catch flic en flac Bus from Flic en flac get down at the last Bus stop and catch Express Grand baie first sea side is Mont Choisy. Then grand baie and you have Bain Boeuf …….

Preyvin Sookun answered 4 months ago

From flic en flack go to Port louis and then to Mont choisie beach and Grand bay.
In Grand bay go this restaurant Cafe La Plage next to the car park of Grand bay beach.
Stunning view from the restaurant which is right on the beach

Suren J Jag answered 4 months ago

The actual beach at Grand Baie is not that nice, it’s full of fishing boats. South of Flic en flac is Tamarin and north is Albion and Pointe aux sables.

Fareed Mohanut answered 4 months ago

Grand baie is a must

BLV answered 4 months ago

You need to visit the North as well.

Fardim Coan answered 4 months ago

Pereybere and Pointe Desny, must go

Martine Daurat Mungoven answered 4 months ago

Blue Bay is very nice too

Barbara Ber answered 4 months ago

No, you won’t miss anything! Suggestion for tomorrow evening in Flic en Flac:

Jimsen Henri answered 4 months ago

Visiting Grand Bay is a must…you may as well visit Pereybere, la cuvette beach. Both in the north.

Sonya Castegnaro answered 4 months ago

Le Morne

Allison Weekensmum Hubbard answered 4 months ago

Our favourite was mont choisy. Fabulous beach

Le Morne is around 35/40 mins but it will be longer on bus.
Tamarin bay is not white sands – but it’s unique in its own way and closer.

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