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Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Hi all. We are booked to visit in early January for 10 days, staying in a hotel in the East.We are concerned about Dengue fever risk after reading about the outbreak that happened earlier this year.There were weekly updates of reported cases from GIS (government information services) up until October. These have now stopped. Is this because there are no cases currently?We have been reading previous posts about how to protect against mosquito bites and will do everything we can. Is January likely to be a bad time for mosquitoes?I realise these are hard questions to answer but any and all information will be gratefully received!
Mark Russell answered 4 months ago

It is always a bad time for mosquitoes 🦟 especially after a lot of rain ☔️ but they are not disease carrying, normal sprays etc are all that’s needed 😊
Dengue is actually very rare so don’t worry 👍

Rowan Tindall answered 4 months ago

Thanks Mark, was the outbreak a serious concern earlier this year? It seemed like it was relatively well contained and didn’t affect that many people but hard to judge from afar. I know January is a wetter month but hoping for good weather around the rain! Do you live on the island?

Martin Beffert - Mauritius answered 4 months ago

I have maybe 50 or more bites every evening and living on the island for 30 years never got infected with anything!

David Bussoopun answered 4 months ago

You can use it neat but avoid the eye and nose. Hope it works .

Hazel Dodge answered 4 months ago

You may find your hotel provides an electric mosquito repellent for your room, but take your own to apply when outside evenings. I’ve had dengue fever and it’s not nice!!

Carolyn Parkinson answered 4 months ago

My last day today and touch wood only 3 bites ! That’s a record low! I use jungle juice max and a plug in the hotel provides at night

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