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Anonymous asked 4 months ago

Hi beautiful Island people :)
Is it difficult to get a Residence permit as a spouse of Mauritian citizen? Thanks, thinking of moving to Mauritius but we never had a chance. I'm from Europe ❤️🎄

Vick Jhuboo answered 4 months ago

U need to reside 5 yrs in Mauritius to get citizenship,but u can stay unlimited if your married to a mauritian national

Jayshav Caussy answered 4 months ago

My gf works in it

May Linn Alexandre answered 4 months ago

You get resident permit as a spouse of an Mauritian 😊

Sandra Muss answered 4 months ago

Not difficult at all as a spouse!

Fabian Joel answered 4 months ago

Being legally married to a Mauritian national gives you the right to stay as long as you want in Mauritius, without the right to employment.

However it is advised to request residence permit since not all the customs agents are aware of this fact, and will give you a hard time before being slapped with the rules by higher hand.

Lena Heinze-Pyneandee answered 4 months ago

You have to apply for residence permit over spouse. The regulations change over time.

You need to hand in all the needed documents with your husband and also pick up the permit after 6 month together with your husband.

Best to inform yourself before so you have all your documents with you. Also its good to double check- as sometimes changes in the required documents are not updated on the websites.

Sanjana Munusami answered 4 months ago

You will get it dr ur married to a Mauritian so u will get it

Sanjana Munusami answered 4 months ago

I got married to a punjabi guy after 2 month he got it dr

Yeye Extinct answered 4 months ago

Too easy

Ayesha Kettell answered 4 months ago

Very easy & straightforward.

Dharma Thandrayen answered 4 months ago

It used to be much easier but now geting harder and harder due to too many fake marriages to gain citizenship. However if you have documents in order in less than 3 months u could get residence permit.

Please get the proper visa BEFORE COMING TO MAURITIUS. Otherwise you will end up having to go and come again just because of wrong visa. Get advice from the nearest Mauritian embassy near you.

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