QuestionsTourism-AdviceIs it ok sunbathing topless in Mauritius?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago
Hi guys,

Is it ok sunbathing topless ?
We're staying at the resort.

Heemanshi Prem answered 4 months ago

There are SOME beaches in Mru where you are allowed to. Idk about your resort

Guillaume Vladimir Kholasv answered 4 months ago

Yes you can, it is tolerat in your resort. Only europeans do topless

Jayesh Rampadarath answered 4 months ago

U shd be free to sunbathe topless….
All guys are topless anyway so you shd have same freedom!!!

Those who say NO must be ugly ones who will damage the natural beauty of the island and they must know that thowing your old used toys on the beach is illegal!!!

Kate 'Pinky' Prosser answered 4 months ago

I asked the same question a while ago and got slammed 😢

Patrick Louise answered 4 months ago

Think at resort will be ok don’t think public beach

Niresh Baboolal answered 4 months ago


Merle Marillier answered 4 months ago

No not allowed

Adrian Kertesz answered 4 months ago

Glue on some fake mustaches and nobody on this planet will know you’re a woman.

Maurice Van Den Akker answered 4 months ago

My wife did and had no problems.. She did ask first..

Jacques Hector answered 4 months ago

Sunbath topless is usually tolerated however I will advise you to confirm with the resort where you’re staying

Andy Hall answered 4 months ago

No we were at a resort and it distinctly said no topless sunbathing.

Sarah Louise Meyer answered 4 months ago

A lot of the French do. We were at La Paradis and it wasn’t an issue

Ray Mooteealoo answered 4 months ago

Your more than welcome to sunbath topless
In my back garden 😂

Ashwin G. R. Indoo answered 4 months ago

It used to be ok back in the day. I grew up in the west coast and it was common there. Nowadays there is limited tolerance. Most won’t mind.

Va Kil answered 4 months ago

Plz do , by all means don’t stop , the hotel staff won’t stop , and plz do post some selfies

Vanda Jooganah answered 4 months ago

Respect our country and its beliefs. If you want to expose your body by going topless maybe you should consider somewhere else.

Tania Heid answered 4 months ago

No, please respect the Mauritian culture. Would you sunbath topless in the UAE?

Kevin William Mulvey answered 4 months ago

I’d say it was OK.
If anyone complains just tuck them under your armpits.

Luisa Neves answered 4 months ago

No definitely not

Majo Caliste answered 4 months ago

Maybe ask the question to the right people?

Sarah Jackson answered 4 months ago

Free the nips ✌🏻

Jean Pierre answered 4 months ago

i am a guy..can i sunbath without underwear?

Anty Zellhorn answered 4 months ago

We were staying at LUX* Le Morne recently, there was a young lady who was not only sun tanning topless but strutting around topless. It didn’t bother us or anyone else that was around. I say, each to their own. If men can walk around topless, why shouldn’t you, if you choose to? Live your life the way you want to. It’s not illegal there.

Antoinette Visser Visser answered 4 months ago

I’m glad you asked. I think rather not. This is a very conservative country and as a guest it’s best to observe local practices.

Johan Malan answered 4 months ago

Yes if you got the goods to show the public.Ha ha

Rajesh Jugnarain answered 4 months ago

Hi where were you all when since 20 years above there were a lot of European people were topless. Now this person just want an idea about the topless you are all again this. It’s their life and in modern world everything is possible just not make you naked. Topless doesn’t mean nude. Please try to understand. Here some of Mauritian people also sray topless at the beach then where is your culture and religion.

Veronique Melbourne answered 4 months ago

Not usually well tolerated in Mauritius.

Marie De Gersigny Krige answered 4 months ago

Rather not

Sal K answered 4 months ago

Best approach would be to ask the hotel if it’s acceptable and if there’s an area within the beach that permits topless sunbathing. Avoids anyone getting upset as you’ve spoken to the hotel and are doing it in a designated area.

Daksha Moodley answered 4 months ago

Not on the main public beaches but if you find a quieter spot it’s ok.

Angelina Grossierenez-Oldenburger answered 4 months ago

No I wouldn’t do it

Claire Mancini answered 4 months ago

Keep your top on it’s that simple, so unnecessary

Luna LM answered 4 months ago

Interesting, as an observer:
A woman asks if it’s ok sunbathing topless ….

Whereas suddenly some men are the strongest fighter for anti-topless 🤔.

Despite the fact that topless is not good for children, it disturns me the fact that, even only a few, men are voting for topless women.

Ariel Puck answered 4 months ago

Tiny… no problem

Gerard Peka answered 4 months ago

It is allowed in most resorts!

Gaby Devyll answered 4 months ago

Nothing wrong in being topless sunbathing. Whoever has an issue they should come forward to you. Personally if I am in that resort I wouldn’t 😉.

Lucy Ramlochun answered 4 months ago

Interesting comments. There are many French and German tourists who sunbathe topless in Trou aux Biches. I have never heard anyone having a problem with that. In fact, no one takes any notice!

Meenakshi Parsad answered 4 months ago

Put simply… not yet accepted as a norm. Still very much a taboo. So the answer is ‘no’!

Jacques Clarel Lamothe answered 4 months ago

I can’t see why not if you’re only sunbathing. If you’re walking around topless that’s another issues but sunbathing topless I would say ignore all comments and enjoy yourself. You pay a lot of money for a good time there’s nothing to do with religion because working in this environment they should expect to come across these situations. Don’t let comments spoiled your holiday enjoy yourself.

Nadine Danny Rochford answered 4 months ago

No single rule just guidance. Do what makes you comfortable I’d say as long as hotel okay with it. Free and diverse country but some won’t approve so you’d need to judge by where you are esp on public beaches where it’s less acceptable. Personally only ever done that lying on my front. Private terraces etc yes certainly.

Agata Grabarek answered 4 months ago

you have to look for a nudist beach but it’s the wrong country young lady.
Choose a different destination.😂

John Bawden answered 4 months ago

I lived and worked in Mauritius for several years, with my family As did many of my colleagues, over many years. We would all judge that topless bathing is inappropriate. And somewhat disrespectful to the culture.

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