QuestionsTourism-AdviceI’m a South African who wishes to move to Mauritius with my partner
Anonymous asked 8 months ago

Hello! I'm a newcomer to this website as I'm a South African who wishes to move to Mauritius with my partner. We would greatly appreciate any assistance in getting started.

Sandra Muss answered 8 months ago

Check, they can help

Jeffrey Herring answered 8 months ago

So you want us to help you pack?

Rajen Ramah answered 8 months ago

Feel free to ask via private message..

Krystyna Veerasamy answered 8 months ago

Post on Mauritius expats group

Join expat groups -lots of info in those

Yasmin Ahmed answered 8 months ago

Thank you❤️

Bhaii Bhaii answered 8 months ago

Move to United Kingdom.. ur great grand father has British passport..u can go on benefits in there

Sandrine Castagnet answered 8 months ago

Join mauritius expat group . This group is more for holiday makers

Princess Kri answered 8 months ago

Curious – not meant as a criticism but why do so many South Africans relocate to Mauritius?

Amrish Jusrut answered 8 months ago

Just don’t bring any of the South African apartheid mindset to Mauritius. These don’t have any place in Mauritius.

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