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Anonymous asked 4 months ago

Hoping to travel to Mauritius for 11 nights in October with my husband and son who will be 2.5 yr olds. He has a metabolic disorder which means if he gets ill and doesn’t eat we normally have to take him to hospital and has to be seen straight away and be put on IV drip - 10% dextrose as he can’t be without food for a certain amount of time. Are the hospitals pretty good? Would we be seen straight away? We would have a letter from great Ormond st with instructions which states he will need to be seen asap and to not to delay. Would love to hear from any parents who have travelled to Mauritius with children who have any serious medical conditions.

Prince Prince answered 4 months ago

In that case, either book hotel in the region of Trou aux biches, mon choise, grand baie, pointe aux cannonier, pointe aux biches, pointe aux piments, balaclava as there is a clinic called C-Care which is near these hotel areas or there is a clinic called clinic de grand baie nearby.

Alternatively i have a falcon clinic in flacq region who offers IV drip treatment. So you can book hotels in nearby regions like belle mare

Sookritee T BD answered 4 months ago

Hello, in which region of Mauritius will you be staying please? Normally, in government hospital you will have to wait. But if you go to a private clinic, the service will be better and you may be assisted immediately provided the doctor is not already attending an emergency.

Caro Mau answered 4 months ago

Médecin à Domicile -Île Maurice highly recommended if you don’t have any transport. They will visit you where you are

Vikash Dussoye answered 4 months ago

To be on the safe side it will a good idea to inform the private clinic next to your hotel about you son’s condition, so that they be aware and prepared in case of emergency .

Adrian Christian answered 4 months ago

Hospitals are terrible in Mauritius unfortunately. I am speaking from experience as a former resident with 2 young infants.

Fortis Darne in Floreal (I think it’s called C Care these days) was the best care for our children.

Martin Beffert - Mauritius answered 4 months ago

I would recommend you not to risk your sons health for a holiday in Mauritius!

Natasha Dindyal answered 4 months ago

I won’t recommend to go to public hospital.
Better use your travel insurance and go to private clinics.
C-care Darne at Curepipe
C-care Wellkin at Moka
Bon Pasteur at Rose Hill
These clinics you will get good treatments

Gillian Brown-Pretorius answered 4 months ago

Grand Baie clinic is great you’ll be fine, when it comes to children they are extremely caring and take priority

Louise Russell answered 4 months ago

We have an 11 yo with type 1diabetes (insulin dependence) and feel really confident in the health system (insurance covered) here. Luckily we haven’t had to use it in the two times we have been here but did lots of research-hope that helps x

Yannick Koylash answered 4 months ago

I don’t recommend you to go to hospital, better a private clinic. I’m Mauritian

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