QuestionsTourism-AdviceDoes it get cool in evenings on the east coast?
Anonymous asked 4 months ago
I arrive next Wednesday (20th) and will be on the east coast for a couple of weeks. Does it get cool in evenings? Just wondering if I need to bring a light sweater.

Carolyn Parkinson answered 4 months ago


Martin Beffert - Mauritius answered 4 months ago

No, it’s already very hot!

Krishna Harry answered 4 months ago

I don’t think so.better you bring light clothes

Kunal Pertaub answered 4 months ago

Better have it with you

Daksha Moodley answered 4 months ago

Evenings are still hot.

Beverley Goulding answered 4 months ago

I’m here in the east now no need ☀️

Rehaaz Cader Fatehmamode answered 4 months ago

Pack light clothing and breathable fabrics for the warm temperature and humidity.😎

Hubert Roth answered 4 months ago

Fait chaud chaud

Hubert Roth answered 4 months ago

Pas besoin de pull

Veronique Melbourne answered 4 months ago

Where are you coming from? Pack some fresh ice from your backyard if any😂😂 for the warm/steamy nights

Donna Sanford answered 4 months ago

Here now ,no way it’s hot hot hot 🔥 🥵

Eric De Fontenay answered 4 months ago

The LESS clothes you will have on, the better you will feel ! As a local, that’s how i live, as much as i can : shorts and… That’s it. No shoes, nothing.

Sandrine Castagnet answered 4 months ago

very hot at the moment i heard, enjoy your holiday.

Karien Bornheim answered 4 months ago

I always take a light sweater as a cool sea
breeze arrives at a moment’s notice. It might not be cold in actual temperature but feels cool compared to the extreme heat

Kaye M Wilkinson - Suzor answered 4 months ago

Hot with very high humidity all day and night. Even if it rains it is still hot. Pack cotton clothing and leave the jackets etc at home. Bring an umbrella 🌂

Vanda Jooganah answered 4 months ago

More like you need shorts and t shirts for evenings

Alexa Moorut answered 4 months ago

I am in Mauritius now and I can assure you it’s very humid and hot! Bring light cool clothing x

Veedushi Bissessur answered 4 months ago

You can bring one in case there’s heavy rain during that period and temperatures might cool down

Alison Vaughan answered 4 months ago

Kate ‘Pinky’ Prosser I go next Wednesday too 🥳 I’m taking a shawl to put round my shoulders when needed as I sometimes get cold in air conditioned restaurants/bars in hotels.

Ritchie Zill Sookeerah answered 4 months ago

It’s hot 🥵 n hot 🥵 n hot 🥵

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